Why Consider Going To The Periodontist For An Appointment

Dentistry is more complex than just a field that deals with teeth. The mouth have many important uses and dental health is of utmost importance. The whole mouth should be healthy which includes the gums, cheeks and tongue. Periodontology focuses on the areas other than the teeth because those parts are also susceptible to certain types of infection.

Plaque is dangerous and may lead to infection especially when there is a cavity on a tooth. The gums are responsible for the production of plaque and may affect teeth sensitivity. The causes of these diseases can either just be isolated in the mouth area or from somewhere else remotely located from there. Periodontist Gainesville, FL services have experts that can help with the diagnosing and addressing these conditions and help you maintain great oral health.

These professionals can examine your mouth and look for early signs of gingivitis. These can range from redness, to inflammation, bleeding and halitosis, more commonly known as bad breath. Gingivitis is just not as severe periodontitis which may result to going through treatment involving surgery. Gingivitis can easily turn into periodontitis if left unattended.

The dentist would recommend things to help with the diseases. This could start with a change of lifestyle which may include changing oral habits, quitting cigarettes and so on. Improvement of lifestyle is the biggest factor to prolonged healthy good gums. Constant plaque cleaning is often assisted by the dentist.

Removing tartar and calculus, which is another term for plaque deposits, are important for non invasive procedures. Tartar may have toxins that are stuck in the root and surfaces. This can be done at the periodontist clinic or by your general dentist with a background on periodontology. Scaling and rooting are necessarily non surgical but may require anesthesia for the procedure to be less painful.

Rooting and scaling are the least invasive among all the available solutions. It may require some anesthesia though. Gum graft surgery is also advised for those teeth that have the roots exposed because of gum recession. This is meant to protect the root from being exposed to bacteria that can cause decay. As a result, teeth would look nicer and is less sensitive to hot and cold substances.

Laser procedures are also available and have the same effects as the non surgical scaling and rooting. The process is generally harmless as long as the right wavelength is used. If not, damage to the periodontal tissues can happen. Be wary of ads that oversell their statements regarding this method. It is important to consult a dentist you trust before going in for the procedure.

Some cases that have the bones that support the teeth getting destroyed because of damaged periodontals. To solve this regenerative procedures are available to reverse the effects that were caused by the damage. This involves taking away the bacteria causing harm to that area. It then is reinforced bone grafts and other proteins that promote the regeneration of the tissue.

There has been no proof that gum disease has caused chain reactions to other non mount related illnesses. There has been speculations that periodontitis is linked to more common diseases and symptoms of life threatening dysfunction such as diabetes, heart attacks and dementia. So just in case they are right. It would be best to just make sure your gums are healthy.

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