Why Do I Have White Spots On My Teeth

In the event that white spots develop on the pearly whites during or after orthodontic treatment, the most popular result in incomplete plaque removal once your braces were taken out. The moment plaque is not absolutely removed from your teeth, the bacteria within it releases acid which softens the teeth. These soft areas could either continue to soften and become tooth decay or when fluoride is applied to the surface of your enamel could harden again. This leaves a white “scar” on the tooth where a softer layer remains under a hard surface layer of enamel.

This is the white spot that you see immediately after your braces are removed. The area is not a cavity. It is strong and hard, but not as attractive as your surrounding teeth or enamel. How can these white spots be removed? What causes white spots on teeth? To get rid of these white spots, the minerals that have been lost must be replaced. The problem on this is that it hardened the layer of the enamel that formed once fluoride was used. The fluoride was important at the time simply because it prevented a tooth cavity from forming, but in cases where you want to get those minerals back into your enamel you have to get through this particular tough outer layer. This could be accomplished at your dental office.

The tooth doctor or hygienist can apply a special acid gel and polish the area with the use of a gritty pumice mixture to open the pores in the enamel to allow the needed minerals to penetrate into your tooth. This is not something that can be finished at home. Your next step is the addition of the needed minerals. A product called MI Paste is utilized for this particular procedure. While in your oral chair the MI Mixture will be polished into the tooth surface and then custom trays will be worn at home with the MI Paste in all of them 2 or more times a day.

The procedure in the oral office with the acidic gel along with pumice mixture may need to be repeated several times until your desired result is reached. The end result will be strong teeth enamel which looks like the surrounding areas, with no white spots. This particular treatment is cosmetic in nature. The resulting unblemished enamel is strong and matches the teeth enamel of the rest of your tooth. Brightening can be done at this particular point with beautiful results. Is it worth it? This is a highly a personal decision.

Whenever you look in your mirror and feel disappointed, or do not feel comfortable and smiling is not a good choice for you. Your white spots will not go out on their own. Ask yourself if these spots are affecting your own self-esteem or confidence. If your answer is yes you’re the dentists in your own area as well as ask when they do white spot reversal therapy with MI Mixture.

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