Why Guys Struggle To Build Muscle

The vast majority of male gym users have asked for tips on how to build muscle at some stage or another. For some reason it’s rare to see a man that actually achieves the physique he wants and today we’re going to reveal why so many of us get lost in the shuffle.

Every day we see men toiling away with the weights and struggling to make advances with their progress. If you’re one of them, you’re in for a treat today as we reveal the top steps for building a leaner, more muscular physique.

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Before you jump into your next workout be sure to set aside some time to set out your diet plan. That’s right, your diet plan. There is a common misunderstanding that you don’t need to watch what you eat when you want to get bigger, because the word diet is usually associated with weight loss. You won’t get far if your nutrition is terrible.

Sadly, most men (and women, for that matter) do exactly that. One of the top excuses for this being that working out your diet can be confusing. This is simply not true, it’s far easier to set up a solid, goal orientated eating plan. The confusion arises because of the amount of hype and quick fix solutions people see on a daily basis, telling them they need to buy certain plans or products in order to get results.

If you take the body weight you wish to be (in pounds) and multiply it by fifteen.

That daily calorie target is a very achievable and solid ball park figure.

There are various other factors which need to be address too and we will briefly cover the most important points next.

Firstly we need to address your sleeping pattern. Your body releases growth hormone when you are in a state of deep sleep, which usually occurs 2-4 hours into sleep. Needless to say, growth hormone is as good for building size and strength as it sounds so you don’t want to miss out by only getting an hour or two in bed each night.

The arena of supplements has become an ever popular one over the last decade and we’d like to discuss this with you now to keep you on the straight and narrow, so to speak. It is quite easy to get lost in today’s market, every product claims to work wonders and be the best thing ever invented. Never put too much emphasis on a supplement.

Whey protein and creatine have by far the most research to back up their scientific advantages so it’s definitely worthwhile adding them to your diet, but try to keep your supplements to a minimum.

Most personal trainers can spend hours (and cost lots of money) over-explaining how to build muscle but there you have the five most important rules. Today’s lesson should get you started nicely on the right track to building the body you aspire to achieve.

About the Creator: Russ Howe PTI is the UK’s most subscribed Personal Trainer. Learn how to build muscle with our free video walkthrough showing the five principles to a more muscular physique.

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