Why It Makes Sense To Purchase New iPhone 4S

Apple Inc has again topped the list with the launch of its newest offering iPhone 4S to the market. iPhone 4S is said to have been the main factor behind the exceptionally good quarterly results of the company. Major countries like US and Japan saw iPhone 4S’s release on 14. iPhone 4S has been well received by both the users and the reviewers worldwide because of its brand new features.
iPhone 4S’s unique features
The new features are the primary reasons why one should purchase iPhone 4S despite the fact that it is not an exceptionally upgraded version of iPhone 4.
Siri- Your iPhone 4S comes to life
This artificial intelligence app can blow your mind away. It is a chatbot created to answer your queries by recognizing your voice. It can give you answers to questions, it can remind you of getting your clothes from laundry, it can remind you about the match on TV you don’t want to miss, it can do many things that an actual assistant would do for you.. It doesn’t possess magical powers to do all that. It uses the built-in apps of your iPhone 4S to come up with answers. Tweets can be dictated to Siri which recognizes them and updates them itself.
A5- dual core chip on iPhone 4S
iPhone 4S shares this chip with iPad tablet. Which makes the phone more powerful. All processes from swiping the screen to browsing are faster on iPhone 4S because of the A5 processor. This makes it the best phone to play 3D games on.
Better camera quality
There has been a vast improvement in the camera quality in iPhone 4S. The camera has a resolution of eight mp now. You do not have to purchase a high end digital camera now because the photos taken from iPhone 4S’ camera are exceptionally good. Not only is the camera quality enhanced in terms of resolution but also in terms of lens. There are about 5 lenses used in this camera.
features of call function
New technology is used in iPhone 4S that can decrease background noises considerably when on call. she hung the phone due to too much noise. There is an app called the FaceTime using which you can see the person (also with iPhone 4S) on the other end talking to you. If you open the contacts and tap on a person’s name, it not only gives phone number, email id and address information but also opens a map to show you where your friend’s home is located. It’s a fun way to connect with people..
Better screen quality
The brightness is enhanced in iPhone 4S which has a pleasant effect on your eyes. This makes the screen look cleaner.. Which in turn makes the display better. You can also see how positively it affects your video watching experience.
Go check out an iPhone 4S now, because it has many more such new features that you will enjoy making use of. iPhone 4S based apps are being created everyday to make the experience with the phone even more enjoyable.

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