Your Air Purifier Might be Hurtful for your Health

by Kristina Brown

What is a condition that 50 million US residents suffer from? Allergies, approximately more than half of the population suffers from at least one allergen. Despite the large amount of people who suffer from allergies very few are aware of any way to remove the allergy symptoms from their life. Many are left completely oblivious that there are products built specifically to prevent the symptoms of allergies. A product especially amazing at removing contaminates from the air and preventing allergic reactions is the IQAir HealthPro Plus.

Can the IQAir remove particulates in the air that cause allergies and asthma? The IQAir will give you better quality air and better health due to its incredible filtration abilities. With the IQAir your air will be free from harmful particles such as pet dander, dust mites, dust mite feces, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and dust. The IQAir will remove harmful particles from your air leaving you with clean, healthy, air that is easier to breath and healthier to live in.

How would you define a HyperHEPA filter and what makes it different from the average filter? Regular HEPA filters have the ability to filter out 99.5% of dangerous particles at a size of 0.3 microns from the air and although impressive, 90 percent of the particles in the air are smaller than 0.3 microns; making many filtration systems using a standard HEPA filter ineffective of trapping and destroying particulates such as viruses, smoke, etc. Another advantage the IQAir has over other air purifiers is that it is a well-engineered piece of equipment. Unlike other filtration systems the IQAir will not leak harmful particles back into the air due to the system not being sealed or designed in a proper manner. The difference between the IQAir and a standard filter is effectiveness at which it works. The IQAir filters at a staggering 99.5% at 0.003 microns, making the IQAir 100 times more effective than the average HEPA filter.

0.003 Microns is small but what if the particles get through the filters because they are less than the specified size? Anything at a smaller size then 0.003 microns is a gas, and is much smaller then even the smallest of viruses. IQAir is the first filtration system to be certified under one of the strictest filter standard tests: the EN 1822.

What about the particulates that are less than 0.003 Microns what happens to them? Anything lower then a 0.003 Micron is a gas. This means that IQAir’s pioneering of technology has the ability to remove virtually all particles, bacteria and viruses from the air. The IQAir works so well it is actually the first air purifier to pass one of the harshest filtration tests in the world: the EN 1822.

Exactly what is the number of filters the IQAir contains and how often do I have to change the filters? The IQAir Health Pro Plus combines the effectiveness of 3 filters: The PreMax Pre-Motor Filter, The V-5 Cell Gas and Odor Eliminator and a HyperHepa Filter. The responsibility of the first filter is to remove 90% of particles from the air. Since this filter comes in contact with so many particles it is important to change this filter on a regular basis, on average every six to eighteen months. The V-5 Cell Gas and Odor Eliminator become inactive after a period of time so needs to be changed every 2 years to 5 years. For optimal results the HyperHEPA filter should be replaced with a new one approximately every 2 to 5 years, as the HyperHEPA filter eventually gets filled with tiny particle that were not caught by the PreMax Pre-Motor Filter. Having the consumer in mind the IQ Air displays exactly when the filters need to be changed on the top panel. The amount of time you have until your filters need changing will be displayed clearly in hours, so there is no guessing when you need to change your filter or marking your calendar with the time you last bought or changed your filters. Additionally the IQAir HealthPro Plus includes a 5-year warranty, and has incredibly low maintenance fees.

For all the things the IQAir does it must be a very loud machine. Is that true? The IQAir is a whisper-quiet machine due to ingenious engineering built into the filtration system such as double wall housing and eight vibrations absorbing rubber. The machine is also engineered to be quiet unlike other air filters because the fan is centrally located, allowing the filters to absorb any excess noise which may occur.

Are there any examples of people using the IQAir? IQAir is traditionally found in places that require clean air such as the doctor offices, hospitals and the dentist. Two recent and major examples of the IQAir being used is the 2008 Beijing Olympics to remove smog and pollutions found in that area. The IQAir has also been used to combat the spread of the SARS virus. Despite being highly contagious the IQAir has the ability to filter the air, trap the virus and avoid the spread of the diseases.

The IQAir has the ability to remove a variety of harmful particles and substances from the air you breathe. Odors, particles and gases can trigger of allergic or asthmatic reactions. With the IQAir harmful particle breathed in daily by the average person virtually vanish quickly from the air. You can quickly increase your health and take down the amount of harmful particles found in your air, and prevent a large amount of harmful substances from entering your body.

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