5 Easy Ways to Make a Word Find Puzzle

In order to construct a word find puzzle, begin by choosing a theme, creating your words, making the grid, creating your solution key, and finishing the grid and puzzle.

A word find puzzle is a highly exciting game that can keep individuals busy. This kind of game is commonly utilized in situations wherein individuals have nothing to do but wait for moment to pass by, such as waiting for their turn in the doctor’s office or waiting for the train to arrive. The puzzle also makes a good, entertaining game and activity for parties or specific occasions. While you can find lots of this game in bookstores, you can also make your own word find puzzle.

Decide on a theme

Choose a theme you want for your word find puzzle. If your puzzle is for your children for a particular celebration, you can match the game with the event. For instance, you can have an Easter theme; or you can base your theme on a destination you are going to, if you’re going to use the puzzle in a trip. It can also be utilized for adult parties, such as a baby shower or a bachelor or bachelorette celebration. In addition, themes make word-finding much easier and more enjoyable.

Construct your words

After you’ve made a theme, you can now start building words which match your theme on a clean sheet of paper. For instance, you can note down bunnies, goodies, eggs, and candies for an Easter theme.

Make the grid

Now, make the grid where you will put all the words you’ve formulated. Get a clean piece of paper, pencil, and also ruler. Then, draw 16 vertical lines using a ruler to make the lines straight and to make sure that they’re equally spaced from one another. After which, draw another 16 lines across the vertical lines and in even spaces from each other, as well. Now, you’ve a grid that has 15 squares across and fifteen squares going below. This grid dimension is ideal particularly for beginners, and you can always raise the sizes of your next grids accordingly. Make sure that the sizes of the squares are just right, so the sizes of the letters that will be put inside them will also show up right for the gamers. Instead of developing the grid manually, you may also utilize a graphing paper, that is already filled with numerous squares. You can find this type of paper in shops that sell school and office supplies.

Create your answer key

Each of the squares in the grid is intended to be filled with a letter. Place the words which you have created to the grid. Spread them in different parts of the grid, and arrange them in a manner that words can be read horizontally, vertically and also diagonally. Then, after you have placed the words in the grid, make a photocopy of it. This photocopy will be your Letter Word Finder or answer key, which you’ll utilize as a reference for that specific word puzzle. You may also use a scanner and print, or save, the solution key in your computer.

Complete the grid and puzzle

After you’ve made the answer key, finish the grid by filling all the blank squares with random letters. When done, check the word puzzle carefully for any improper or unpleasant words, which might have been developed after the random placement of letters. If there are any, delete and replace letters with new ones.

Make sure that you create puzzle games that are appropriate for the player’s age.

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