American Abstract Expressionism And Facts About It

Many forms of art can be found. One such form can be painting and many types can also be found with this. Among these types can be American abstract expressionism. Action painting, color field painting, and AbEx are terms related or synonymous to this. Messy, complex, and intense lines and large paintings can characterize this. Some heavily criticize it as an art form and most people do not completely understand this. Knowing some information could really help shed some light on this type of painting.

This has gained popularity after World War II. It started in America and then became known in other countries. It is very influential in making New York an art capital. It has its roots in surrealism as they can also focus on spontaneity. This style has made use of various applications of paint that is not the traditional way. They can make use of dripping paint, hardened brushes, and colliding colors.

One may see high intensity with the strokes in the painting. Its strokes itself could reveal the actions of its painters, hence the term action painting. This turns into a process and appreciating its process is a step in appreciating the painting.

It may express many kinds of ideas. It may be spiritual or of the subconscious. It may also emit a feeling of anarchy, rebellion, and idiosyncrasy. Its inspiration is drawn from anxiety, inner turmoil, and distress. Artists create experimental, new, and innovative ways of expressing what they feel.

Messy as it seems, application of careful planning is actually done. The desired effect is obtained with careful planning by the artist. The artwork is also mixed with some chance, abstraction, and spontaneity.

Americans were the first noted AbEx painters. Action painters include Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, and Mark Tobey. Color field painters include Mark Rothko, Jules Olitski, and Kenneth Noland.

American Abstract Expressionism is really good to learn. The contemporary art that is known to people today is widely influenced by the birth of this type of painting.

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