Choosing A Good Camera Mount For Motorcycle

Everybody always gets nostalgic about their last memorable ride. There is no better way to relive the past than having it recorded using a suitable camera. Even then, without a good camera mount for motorcycle, you might not be able to capture the occasion, as you would wish to. That is why it is important to know about the different types of these tools available in market together with their benefits and disadvantages.

Helmet mounts are the most common. These have straps that either surround the dome or are passed through the holes in the helmet. Their universal mounting offers a reliable surface for attachment of cameras. An advantage of these is the reduced vibration and therefore stability of images. The cameras also move with change in position of the head hence they can record different directions the riders will be looking at.

It may however be hard to place the camera to point at the exact position one wants it to. Since it is impossible to monitor them during the recording process, new users may get irritated when after the session they find out that their cameras missed to catch the main thing. If you are patient enough however, you will learn to be more accurate as you use them more and more.

The other option is handle bar mounts. Since they keep the camera at your arms reach, they enable you to view and take control over real time recording. You can easily access the camera control buttons, which for example enables you to easily switch between active and stand by modes. Very flexible mounts will also give you easy time in directing your lens to multiple points thereby avoiding the boredom of focusing at one place.

Since they are right ahead of you, you can monitor what is being recorded and easily switch your device to different modes. Depending on the flexibility of the mounts, you can move your lens to different positions hence you avoid coming up with a boring one-point shooting. Handle bar mounts however face problems with vibration.

Mounts that have numerous joints however experience increased vibration. Purchase only reputable and genuine brands to reduce too much vibration, which may cause camera fall or distorted images. People have complained of their cameras being damaged after their poorly manufactured cups lost their grip while in use.

Even when using a genuine one, double check to ensure that the camera and joint screws are tightened properly. Concisely, motorbike mounts just like other gadgets have their downsides. It is good to be aware of these before you purchase any so as to avoid disappointments. Before using them ascertain that the cameras and any other joints are well secured.

It gets worse if the bar is too long and with many joints. At the same time, the arm should not be too short because this will compromise on the field view-making parts of the bike to boringly appear throughout in your record. Asking the supplier to get you one that is not too short or too tall for your bike will partially help in mitigating these inconveniences.

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