Don’t buy embroidery thread before reading this

by Kristina Brown

Thread as shiny as the stars – Polystar Embroidery Thread is the manufacturer of sturdy, gleaming embroidery thread and prewound embroidery bobbins. In this article I will shed some light on some questions commonly asked about Polystar products.

Polystar is an interesting name, how did it come about? Polystar is a derivative of the word “polyester”, which is what Polystar Embroidery Thread is made of. Polystar is a combination of the words “polyester” and “star”, -star symbolizing the shine of Polystar’s truly amazing embroidery thread.

Polystar is made of polyester, how is that better than rayon thread? Unlike most rayon threads, Polyester Embroidery Thread is extremely shiny and extremely strong. Polystar embroidery thread is a two-ply polyester embroidery thread that is steadfast and beautiful at the same time. Polystar embroidery thread also will not lose it’s color if bleached, something rayon is known for doing.

Wow. Strong, Beautiful and Holds the Colors. What else does Polystar make? Polystar makes prewound embroidery bobbins for almost any residential embroidery machine. Polystar makes both white and black bobbin thread that works unbelievably well in every machine. All of the bobbins are plastic and are made to last, unlike sideless or cardboard bobbins. Polystar bobbins are inexpensive and come in grosses of 144, giving you superior prewound bobbins at a wonderful price point.

What kind of spool does the Polystar Embroidery Thread Use and how much thread is on each spool? Polystar Embroidery Thread is wound on a mini-king spool, which is compatible with almost every embroidery machine (even if you have an embroidery machine that uses a cartridge system such as the Brother SE-270D). 1,000 meters (1,100 yards) of Polystar’s stunning embroidery thread is wound on each spool lasting you design after design after design. Believe it or not, there is enough thread to cover 11 Football Fields in one spool of Polystar Embroidery Thread!

How do I know what color thread I am using? On every spool of Polystar thread the color number and the color name are printed on the bottom (an example being Pumpkin), this way you can easily identify what color you are using when you are embroidering.

What sets are available for Polystar Embroidery Thread? Polystar makes a set of 61 different colors that are vibrant and has beautiful colors ranging from Deep Rose to Olive Green. The Polystar 61 set also includes a sturdy, simply amazing thread box that houses each thread snug in it’s own individual compartment, so you never have threads lost or rattling around. The box even has a magnetic flap to ensure that your box is closed. Polystar also makes a country color set which contains 42 beautiful pastel-like colors, which are great for projects that are using country type designs or for designs that do not require the vibrancy of the 61 color set. In addition, Polystar also makes another set called the Nick colors, which are super-vibrant, and are great for any project that needs some extra flare or colors that pop out at you when embroidered.

Polystar manufactures truly amazing products that will make a great addition to any embroiderer, from beginner to expert. Hopefully this article has taught you a little bit more than you already knew about the Polystar Embroidery Thread products and will help aid you in your future purchases for embroidery supplies.

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