Handmade Soap for Gift Baskets

by Diane Kelly

People all over are learning how to make soap at home. It is easier than you might think. If you have the space to make a soapy mess then it is well worth it to make it the center piece of a gift basket.

I had no idea that soap was just a process of lye and fats. It generates a process called saponification. Big word for big bubbles. Making hand made soap was not just a hobby a long time ago it was what they had to do to get soap.

Getting supplies is not hard but it can be complicated. The internet offers a great many sites that have supplies. There is a cold soap making as well as a hot soap making method to choose from. I sure there are others too.

A luxurious touch could be adding a fragrance. It is luxurious and uniquely yours. Be careful that the intended user is not allergic to the additives.

Gift gift basket should contain other bath accessories like bath bath salts and oil beads. A loofah is always handy as well as the all important back scrubber. A nett sponge inthe same color as the soap is a decorator touch.

Do a little homework and find out what colors their bathroom is in. That way you can match your soap making batch to their home making that much more special. It will show your friend that you took the extra time to check out their home and do soemthing that was special.

Any occasion will benefit from a gift basket featuring hand made soaps. A baby shower, birthday or house warming come to my mind right away. Think of new and different ways to use hand made soap baskets. Why greet your new neighbor with a tired old apple pie or chocolate chips cookies when you can show off your hand made soaps.

I hope I have imparted some of the ways in which you can use your soaps in baskets. It fun to make the soap but also great fun to give them away and have others enjoy them too. So get going and send me a pink and blue soap basket for my bathroom.

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