A Wheel Thrown Pottery Gift Is A Unique Alternative

by Jill Evans

Handmade pottery gifts are ideal especially for individuals who prefer items styled lovingly by artists and artisans. Pottery has been given as a gift for many years all around the world, with its lasting impression and functionality complementing its natural beauty. Handmade pottery gifts differ in terms of quality and design, and some of the raw materials used to create these gifts, which include clay from different parts of the globe, each with its own individual characteristics.

Elegance and timeless beauty of handmade pottery gifts make it treasured throughout the world. Favorite gifts include vases of different sizes including small, medium, and large. Others enjoy a useful mug or cup.

Jugs are another popular item that people like to receive as hand thrown pottery gifts. These can be for practical use, or given as ornamental pieces. They come in different sizes as well, such as small, medium, and large. Milk jugs or creamers for table use, jug inspired flower pots for outdoor and indoor display are examples.

A gift that exudes intimacy and shows personal touch is candle holders. They can come in numerous styles and shapes, and may be painted or unpainted. Handmade pottery gift stores often have these as well as night lights and more.

For many years, handmade pottery lamps have lit up homes, and still keep gift functionality today. Different sizes, shapes, colors, and more characterize handmade pottery lamps. They also come in medium round, large round, tall large, and so on.

Bowls still manage to exude and maintain their charm, as placement gifts or functional everyday utensils. Large display bowls, large lipped bowls, are among the many styles available for gift giving. Further examples are pasta bowls, soup bowls, and salad bowls. Real joy can come from using something unique everyday as opposed to commercial products.

Handmade pottery tableware impresses friends and family, both for their beauty and for their practicality. Items like plates, in form of dinner plates, side plates, breakfast plates, amongst others. Cups and mugs are among the top gift ideas, as their everyday use will remind the gift receiver of the gift giver. Cylindrical cups, round mugs, saucer and cup, are just some of the choices obtainable in this segment. Lidded sugar and double sugar bowls are examples of table top handmade pottery gift ideas on offer, as they add a dash of color to any table. Serving dishes, as one of the cornerstones of meals in a home, can stoke feelings of love in a family or guests invited for a meal. Used for food or drinks, they retain strong functionality. Their colors and textures are limitless, such as cylindrical serving dishes, goblets, and carafes.

Sellers say that the favorite kind of handmade pottery gifts to give are teapots. These are followed by the butter dish and flower pot. The diversity of pottery available makes pottery a great gift for many occasions. Pottery is very flexible, which is why they are so popular as gifts.

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