Buying Unique Gemstone Cabochons For Exquisite Custom Made Jewelry

Custom made jewelry offers many opportunities for including unique gemstone cabochons. These expertly crafted gems often serve as beautiful focal points for many items. Because they are often literally plucked from the earth, their appeal is similar for both men and women.

Get to know the favorite gemstones when considering what kind of cabochon you would like. Traditional popular ones include amber, agate, quartz, jasper, tiger eye, peridot and onyx. The jewelry made from these favorites it very pretty, and one cabochon can bring spectacular beauty when paired with the right jewelry findings.

Experienced rock hounds enjoy seeking out the more unusual varieties. Some might include labradorite, Crazy Horse Stone, Sodalite, citrine, aventurine or moonstone, to name just a few of the more exotic sounding ones. Any of these can be made into a very nice cabochon.

Experienced collectors know traditional favorites well. These might include emerald, sapphire, jade, opal or turquoise. Some are viewed as semi-precious, while others have reached the realm of precious stones. The popularity of these may stem from their use to honor birthdays. Certainly, their colors are often named as popular. Easy to buy at Internet websites, jewelers and hobbyists alike have the option of finding a wider range of available gems to use in making jewelry.

Designer quality is generally offered in either single cabochons or bulk lots. The quality of the stones will determine the price. Better cuts, grades and colors will sell at higher price ranges. Discounts are easier to find when buying in bulk. The stones are offered in assorted shapes, such as ovals, circles, teardrops and squares. It is often helpful to choose the cabochon shape before any other jewelry findings are purchased. In this way, complementary choices concerning design elements may be easier.

Sometimes, color is more important than the material. Most websites have these assorted into general categories. You will find blues, greens, pinks, reds, purples, and so on. This allows for looking for just the right piece within standard color families. It is interesting to check through the assorted offerings as well, because you may find a grouping of colors and patterns in the colors you like.

Each cabochon will be graded, often using A, B, or C as a standard measurement. Other ways to value each one is to check for their treatment. Common versions are natural, man made, coated, heated, dyed, oiled or irradiated. Each of these will produce a different appearance that alters the natural one. Designers also look for scratch resistance as designated by the Mohs hardness scale. This standardized system was created by Fredrich Mohs, a famous mineralogist from Germany. Societies devoted to gems and minerals use his system to categorize hardness for jewelry making and other activities.

Adding gemstone cabochons to your collection may become an obsession. It can be very satisfying to wear precious bits of nature close to the skin. The natural beauty paired with skillful polishing, cutting and settings is very attractive.

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