Five Staples that Make for Fabulous Scrapbook Layouts!

by Ginger John

At Glitz Design we love hearing all about the different obsessions of scrappers. Everyone has their own thing; their own little obsessions. And we think that’s what makes scrapbooking so fun and interesting; so different for each and every individual. So we’re going to list Five items we see as “must haves” when it comes to creating great layouts and fabulous scrapping projects as encouragement to all of you to share your secret obsessions as well!

Here are Five Must Haves that the Glitz Design Girls just can’t seem to do without:

1. Journaling Cards. We can get a bit spazzy with the journaling and the journaling card seems like a gift from above allowing us to handwrite, type, throw on embellishments and even use them as awesome mats and layers within a layout. The entire purpose of scrapbooking (at least back in the beginning before it became more fun than anything else) is to document momentous happenings in our lives and the lives of those we love. Journaling cards make it that much easier to commemorate the good, the wild, the just plain memorable and the everyday before it slips away to make room for the next memory.

2. Frosting…sometimes called Bling is absolutely one of the most fun and usable items available. You can stretch it, loop it, criss cross it or break it. You can use it as an accent or flourish, add it to the page to create lines for journaling, use individual rhinestones from the frosting strip to create bullets for lists. You see where I’m headed with this? The possibilities are endless!

3. Paper, paper and more paper! Obscene amounts of paper! Forget purchasing just enough for each and every project. We find obscene amounts of paper to be one of our favorite necessities. It’s so fun to create with the wonderful paper designs right there to inspire and fill in the gaps in your creative intentions!

4. Ink for distressing! We’ve got to have the classics of course: brown and black. But we’re just as likely to be found inking with turquoise or pink, gold or green. Makes us feel like we’re breaking the rules a bit and acting out like the wild and crazy girls we like to think we are! But be careful…it’s addicting. Especially if you grab up the Glitz Graph Roller Doodle and give inking a try Roller Doodle style. Mmmmmm. You’ll love it!

5. Heavy Duty Corner Rounder. This may not seem like the most basic of staples, but you’re only saying that if you don’t have one. A good corner rounder will stay smack dab in the middle of your work area because you’ll be using it constantly!

Check out the Glitz Blog at and post a comment telling us what your five staples are for scrapping…we ‘d hate to think you’ve discovered some obscure item that should be a basic necessity that we don’t yet know about! Don’t keep us in the dark any longer!

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