Graduation scrapbook: Tips for a High School Scrapbook Album

by Christine Perry

Does it seem like only yesterday that your child started kindergarten? Now he’s graduating from high school and will soon start college in the fall. It’s important to document your child’s high school years in a special graduation scrapbook.

You may already have a school scrapbooking album for your child, but high school graduation memories can fill an entire scrapbook. Dedicate one album for this special occasion. It doesn’t need to be a large album, but one that can accommodate professional portraits might be important if you plan to include the sittings for senior pictures.

Senior pictures are usually taken the summer before a student’s senior year. Still, they deserve a page in a graduation album. Use your favorite pose or the one used in the high school yearbook for your graduation scrapbook’s title page.

Preparing a scrapbook for high school and memories doesn’t have to be difficult. Take a copy of your child’s graduation announcement and showcase it on a page layout. Don’t forget to include cards and letters from family and friends. Highlight ones with graduation advice. Include a special letter from you with a personal message to your child. Tell him your hopes and dreams for the future along with things you wish you would have been told on graduation day.

Highlight any special awards or honors that your child is receiving at the graduation ceremony. Designed page layouts to highlight these accomplishments. You may want to include the original certificates or make copies.

If your child is giving a speech at the graduation ceremony, take some photographs of the graduate preparing and practicing the speech. Preserve his notes including any drafts and use them on a scrapbook page.

Newspapers often cover graduations. Clip articles from your local paper for a graduation scrapbook page. If you or another family member have placed a congratulations newspaper ad for your graduate, make a photocopy of it to preserve it in the album. Newspaper articles tend to fade over time, and copies will last longer.

Graduation is full of photo opportunities. Think about the photos you want in your child’s graduation scrapbook, and make a list before the celebration starts. Pictures of the ceremony are important, but so are photos of your child with his friends, family and teachers.

Create a special scrapbook page for the graduation ceremony program. Save at least 2 copies of it so you can show both the front cover and the inside on a page layout.

Take lots of candid shots during graduation parties. You may not be attending some of these parties. So be sure to send along a camera with your graduate and plan to exchange photos with his friends, too. You’ll have a lot more photos to choose from if you share them.

You should definitely include a copy of your child’s final report card or transcript. A nice complement to the scrapbooking page would be a copy of the college acceptance letter he received from the college he plans to attend.

As a final closing page to a graduation scrapbook, design a page around a photo of him leaving for college. You might also choose to close the scrapbook with two photos that show how he has grown. Place a picture of his first day of kindergarten next to a graduation picture.

It’s easy to create a graduation scrapbook that will soon become a family heirloom. The most important part of designing a graduation scrapbook is to document and preserve your child’s high school memories.

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