Tips for Using Mickey Mouse and Disney Scrapbooking Ideas

by Christine Perry

Did you just return from a Disney World vacation? You’ll enjoy these Mickey Mouse and Disneyland scrapbooking ideas. Don’t just use pre-made Disney papers and stickers. Find ways to make your scrapbooking page layouts more personal and unique.

Don’t start with your embellishments when you’re thinking about Mickey Mouse and Disney scrapbooking ideas. Begin by choosing the focal point of your page layout. Your embellishments should only highlight your main subject, not overwhelm it.

Only use the Mickey Mouse and Disney scrapbooking page elements that will really highlight your main focal point. Too many embellishments make a page look disorganized and unfocused.

Keep this in mind when sorting through the various Mickey Mouse and Disney scrapbooking ideas you have as well. It’s tempting to try to add everything you have to the page but this won’t look organized and thought out.

If you have too many Disney scrapbooking supplies, consider doing additional page layouts. You can even make a gift album for a grandparent. If you’re short on supplies, make your own Mickey ears with two half circles in one corner of the page. You can make a roller coaster by using curving lines in the middle of your page.

It’s easy to make simple Disney-themed scrapbooking accents. It’s much more cost effective than buying pre-made embellishments.

Of course you can get very creative with your own Mickey Mouse and Disney scrapbooking ideas. If you have a picture of a baby as the main element, you can draw Mickey ears over their head.

You can place a sticker of Mickey Mouse right into a photo and make it look like he is right there with you. Take an outline or large sticker of the state of Florida or California and use it as your page background.

Get creative and let your imagination guide you when making Disney-themed scrapbooking pages.

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