A Little Imagination and a Camera

by David Peters

Editing digital photography requires perception, something what we call color perception, situational perception, and a passion for change. The basic editor requires not such a heavy set passion for photography. A little need for a better output, a few more dollars, a thirst for praise and appreciation like “hey guy! U did this – don’t tell me kind of.”

All of us wanted to become presidents at some point in time, doctors at some point in time, and at least in our early school days would have had the desire to handle the camera to take the school events. Right use of the equipment by itself equals a master in photography. The basic light adjustments, flash setting etcetera! You can open the shutter; clean the lens well free of dust that is editing.a form of digital editing. Too much of flash in the afternoon times or in bright sunlight you may land up with a blank image. There is no use of all the gestures that you made to take the photograph mimicking a professional landing up with a zero image. So getting the flash lights on is also the preliminary steps of editing digital photography.

Morphing, there are may photo morphing softwares available to morph your pictures. Have you seen in pictures, the hero; a child image may change to become the man; that is morphing, a kind of morphing. Well it is very simple you need two digital images, scan them and save to your computer. It can be your son’s photo, and your husbands photo you can morph images of your son in to his father or his grandfather, or you can morph your own self to your mother…See all it requires is a morphing software, and the images, and a few clicks away see even you are editing! Great thing! Big achievement. You will feel you are creating graphics for a fairy tale!

It is very, very important to take a good image from the digital camera for proper editing. Editing can be done for enhancement and a little touch up here and there, but when you don’t use the basic keys properly you may not land up with a digital image, you may land up with a digital graphic! See natural image with little changes is what all of us desire.

The light settings in a photograph can be adjusted with sliders, auto adjust option in the fix pane is a very effective idea. Even after you turn auto adjust you can further adjust the light settings if you are not satisfied with the output of the software! You can make your color pictures to black and white, and black and white pictures to color by adjusting the exposure mode. If you have a color photograph you can use the adjust color option in fix pane to change it to a black and white. Color picture can be changed to black and white, but the other way round may not be natural unless you are an expert editor and technically very sound!

Red eye is something that all of us come across when we take certain snaps. So, you have landed up with a phosphorous glow in your baby’s eye. Well don’t worry. Primarily there are many camcorders coming with the option of no red eye option, use that before you click. If you have already got a photo with a red eye there are very many options to eliminate it. There are many red eye remover programs that can be downloaded online if you do not have an digital camera with the option of no red eye feature!

There are many softwares available. You can download any free version of photo editors for cropping your photographs, enhancing effects, red eye elimination, recovering worn out old photos etcetera every feature will be listed in the help menu of all softwares with an easy step by step guide. The amount of time you spend, interest and dedication will put you in best lines for editing digital images. Have a happy journey through the world for colors digitalized!

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