Digital Photo Calendar

by David Peters

Is your collection of family photos just sitting locked away in your computer? Would you like the opportunity to see these photos more often and without the trouble and time it takes to pull them up in your computer? You can have these photos handy at a glance and be useful by turning them into a unique, customized digital photo calendar.

Of course, everyone knows that not all of our photos will be perfect… But some will jump right out at you and remind you of certain times and ‘warm feeling’ experiences. Grab these images! You’re about to put them into your own portfolio – and showcase them proudly to the world (or at least, to your ‘inner circle’ of family and friends!)

There are plenty of great reasons to share our pictures of treasured memories with others. Matter of fact, you might even find your self looking for the opportunity to show you photos to everyone. But what is the best way to do this?

One fun and yet practical way is through a simple digital photo calendar. Of course in this case we’re not talking about literally an actual ‘digital photo calendar’ (even though it is one in its own right). In simple terms we are making an interesting and personalized wall calendar using your own digital photos.

In other words… a ‘photo calendar’ which you can then print up, give to your friends or family, hang on your wall, promote across the Internet, sell on your website or photo blog, (or even on eBay), etc…

Here is a guideline of what to expect in building your own little photo calendar.

To get started:

Naturally you are going to start with selecting your favorite photos. The next step involves some homework, but don’t worry, I’ve done a bit of the research for you. Here is a sample listing of a few places where you can transform your photos into a calendar

Here’s a few websites that’ll do that for you:,, and (The first two give you a free digital version of your calendar that you can download to your hard drive and then print out or save to a CD/take to a print shop. The others give you nice ‘real’ wall or desk calendar that you can purchase – and then ‘send’ to yourself, or a friend).

The only real ‘trick’ to turning your photos into a calendar is knowing which sites to use. The rest is actually pretty simple. The only other challenge you might face is how to prepare your photos before printing. There are many programs and tutorials that can help you edit your photos for print. If all else fails, should this prove to be a problem in time or effort, get someone to help.

Only a few more easy steps…

a) upload your photo/s to one of the photo calendar web sites above.

2) Pick a specific calendar size and other details

3) Settle on a month and a year you want your calendar to have

4) Hit the ‘create’ button or order your own calendar

Not too hard is it? Now that you are finished you can enjoy your photo calendar that you can download onto your hard drive as a .PDF, or even a .jpeg image file. If you are printing your calendar through a service, you can expect your finished product in about a week.

But overall, not too bad for a few minutes work!

Now you can take your digital photo calendar masterpiece out to impress friends and family. Be creative with it and print it out on a card, e-mail it to everyone, or just hang it on your wall for your own enjoyment. Photo calendars make a great gift and every time someone looks at it they will be reminded of you and be able to share in your special memories.

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