Featured Speculations Of Samsung Galaxy S3 For Video

All right, at the moment, we are capturing on the Samsung and also our other camera. It has a 4.8 inch screen to be able to record videos on. Plus, what I love using this camera currently it offers a 1280×720 resolution so when you’ve actually recorded a video, you can actually watch it in a nice, big, wide screen – full HD. What you’ll notice is that it includes plastic backing which keeps its weight down and weighs in at 123grams. Next, we’ll test out its external microphone and see how that sounds.

All right so this is the sound test with the microphone connected. And this is the sound test with the microphone not plugged in.

The Samsung actually has expandable micro SD card and you can plug that in. Currently, I’ve got a 32GB card in there and I’m documenting all my videos onto there. And what I truly love about this is that the file sizes are a lot smaller. Also, sometimes I find it’s a bit difficult with each single camera that I’ve held. Usually using the Canon I’ve got a grip and everything however with a Samsung Galaxy, I can actually put this in my hand nice and fits snuggly. Plus, the battery life to this thing is very good. It really keeps going like the Energizer bunny.

So after reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S3, we would like to know what your thoughts are. If you like this video, tell me if you like the Samsung S3 and also if it’s great for video. As you’ve seen, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is an all-in-one device with phone and built-in video camera helping you to capture full HD videos. It’s practical and it also helps you record a lot of videos and also if you ran out of space, simply insert another micro SD card and stay going.

I recommend capturing videos with the Samsung Galaxy S3 if you already own it in place of purchasing a budget camera. Alternatively if you’re looking for a video recording device with a smartphone, then this is the one I’d go for since it has a lot of cool features.

Have you ever thought of using Samsung Galaxy S3 for video? Well, Five Minute Video Marketing shows a quick review on how this smartphone can actually work as a full HD video camera for Youtube videos.. Unique version for reprint here: Featured Speculations Of Samsung Galaxy S3 For Video.

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