Sell Photos on the Net

by Diane Kelly

Getting a photography job is very competitive but have you considered selling stock photos? Selling stock means that you contract will a stock house and upload your photos for the public to look at. Pick your best shots that are composed well and have good lighting. Those who are in need of photos buy the right to use your in their advertising or other original photography projects. Look on the net for stock photohouse for ideas. Getty Images is one that you could look into.

A stock house will specialize their images by theme. For instance some handle photos of people and others animals and even others only industrial shots. You have to find the house that you want to shoot for and contract with them.

All of us cannot be an Ansel Adams and definitely not when starting out. The equipment you choose can be your best friend or worst nightmare, depending on what you purchase. Get the best you can while still considering your budget. Olympus, Canon and Nikon carry high quality products that are dependable. Believe me, as a professional, you need to depend on your gear. If you are devoted to learning the photography trade it will be worth it.

A gadget that is super useful is a light meter. I would not buy one right away but wait for you become more capable. Even though ALL cameras have a light meter provided in them it is strongly suggested that you do not depend too heavily on it. They operate from the vantage point of the camera. They measure only the light that is falling on your subject. Learning about lighting essential is to a photographer.

Check out areas where to commonly go everyday for photo locations. Keep in mind they need to be easy to get in and out of for the subject. A bride to be will not be too thrilled with her portrait when her freelance photographer has walked her through a gully. You probably will not make money that way.

Take lessons from someone who knows. Ask for photography tips. You don’t necessarily have to go to the community college and take a group class but be willing to learn anywhere you go. Take lots of photos all the time and continue to look at them critically.

You may have to give up your copyright to be stock photographer. That means that once the photo is uploaded and or purchased whoever pays for the use of that photo can use it as many times as they want where and how they want. You have no control and make no more money. That could be ok because you are doing something that you love to do and sharing it with all the world.

The most important thing is to take pictures. Take your camera equipment everywhere you go. Don’t ever miss a chance to shoot since you need all the experience you can get. Get up for the sunrise or stay late for sunset. Light is a huge component of a photographer’s craft. Learn how to work with it. Good luck and happy shooting.

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