Ideas for Springtime in London

It is undeniable that Spring is the season that breathes life back into our winter-crusted bones. Our minds are alive once more and possibilities seem endless. So leap into action and try out these ten Spring treats.

First of all, why not freshen up your home with a green-clean; that’s right, just how nature intended. Dirt and grime can easily be tackled by using general cupboard ingredients such as lemons, bicarbonate of soda, white wine vinegar and salt. These items are a dab hand when it comes to cleaning and you may find that you already own at least half of them. You could try enhancing your mixtures with a few drops of essentials oils for that extra fresh and homely scent.

Get planting like you’ve never planted before! Try some edible flowers this year for a little change: there are many delightful specimens you could use, such as marigolds, nasturtiums, English daisies, Impatiens, Gardenias, Fuchsias and even Jasmine. Plant these in some new, brightly-coloured, jazzy pots and the difference you’ll see is phenomenal. Why not also try tomatoes, peppers, chard, basil, chives, lemon grassand reap the rewards in the kitchen? It’s incredibly easy to construct a herb garden: just buy some simple breeze blocks, paint them with the names of your herbs, or any other pattern or image if you’re feeling particularly artistic, and line them up outside your kitchen door, patio or balcony.

Why not replicate some of this colour inside by giving some rooms a new lick of paint? It can sometimes be a tad boring to always use sickly magnolia, so why not try some sunshine yellow, pumpkin orange with oceanic turquoise, lemon and raspberry, or the more tried and trusted nautical blues with whites? Little changes like this will not only make a difference to the way your home looks, but they’ll also brighten up your spirit too, generally making you feel warmer and happier inside.

Make colourful, no-sew banners in perky shades using felt and ribbon: hang them up around the house, outside the front door or around the garden. Go back to your childhood: make party invitations and invite all of your best friends to your newly spruced home. Make it a Sharing Spring party: each one brings one dish full of lush, fresh ingredients. Decorate your table with daffodils and make cheerfully, iced cupcakes for your guests to take home with them.

Whilst we’re on the topic of food (my favourite I must admit), now is definitely time to reach for that treasured picnic gear. Why not make your first picnic of the year extra special by holding it at night in your newly spruced garden? You could use an array of candles, fruity drink concoctions and yummy, chocolatey nibbles. Pleasantries to one side, Spring is the perfect time to tackle that diet so keep your eyes peeled for seasonal vegetables and fruits, rather than big hearty meals and sweet stuff galore.

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