Learning To Identify Antique Trunks

Corporations have almost completely devoured the small businesses running today. This is because large stores and chains outsource work and create products for as cheap as possible. Unfortunately, the economy is not doing so well at the moment and people are having to give in to these low priced deals just to survive. It is always great to purchase old fashioned handmade items because they are always higher quality. Storage has continued to become an issue that people need to take care of in order to organize their homes. Antique trunks are a great way to go when looking for sturdy furniture for the home.

Storage trunks used to be used like suitcases and many times there were wheels that could be attached to the bottoms. Although some had wheels, they were always removable because these cases had to be stack able for storage purposes on boats. The materials that went into making these old fashioned suitcases were abundant.

Indeed there were many different components that were involved with the manufacturing of these works of art. Rivets had to be pounded completely through the outer walls of the case in order to secure the handles that ran through the case for added strength. The entire thing was reinforced with strong metal slats that were on the outside as well as inside. There were steel corner pieces that were covered in intricate wood, tin, or brass designs.

Because these trunks had so many materials being put into them, they have kept their value even today. People do not produce these high quality items anymore because they have been too expensive to produce for the average consumer. It is good that these items have held their value because that means they cannot be reproduced in good quality and imported from China.

Although these storage cases can be hard to come by today, they are still around for the people that know where to look. They can usually be found at auction or yard sales. People even have them sitting in their homes and sometimes sell them online. Many of them are well over a hundred years old, but still strong and may last another hundred.

The value of this item is not going to drop very much anytime soon for many reasons. They are built to last and are still very strong and durable. This allows them to be used for many different purposes such as benches or coffee tables. Many of them were also owned by old celebrities who have passed away or have been on well known boats and still have the stickers from those voyages. All of these things increase the value.

This old trade good has been built so well that they will most likely be around for another hundred years for those who are interested in buying them. Many have been refurbished that can increase the value by a couple hundred dollars. Refurbishing also makes it last much longer allowing it to be passed down to future generations.

Antique trunks are truly a thing to behold. Each one is unique to the next because they are all hand crafted. They once had a shine to them that struck wonder in the minds of people everywhere. Even though many of them have lost their paint, the canvas and embossing is all still there and they can always get a new coat of paint. Nonetheless, they all make have the potential to make a great impression in a home and allow the owner to take pride in it.

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