Modern Golf Clothing

Gone are the times of baggy khaki trousers and over-sized navy polo tops. Golf has moved on. It is an Athletic sport now. Dominated by young guns. The present day professional golfer is in great condition. They spend just as much time in the gymnasium as they do on the course practising. The equipment that they use is developed and tested in labs that are in the leading edge of engineering.

During the last several years, golf clothing has brought an enormous step. The technology that goes in the development of fabrics is unbelievable. It is safe to say that the golf clothing of today are seen more as gear than they are as apparel. The modern golf swing is an athletic move. Nothing should change the movement of the golf swing. Clothing is designed with enough stretch to go with the player. It’s weighted perfectly to compliment the golf swing. In hotter conditions, moisture management within the fibre will pull moisture away from the body to keep you nice and dry. Microscopic holes in the fabric will allow the skin to breathe ensuring minimal perspiration.

As well as these specialized factors, the suit of modern golf clothing has brought a radical new path. Huge baggy trousers and polo shirts with sleeves that come down past your shoulder are now long since gone. Tops sit close to your body. They are almost weightless. Slacks are additionally considerably slimmer fitting. No longer will they be flapping about in the wind when you are stood on the ball at address.

Something that is just as significant as the technologies and investigation that goes into to modern golf clothing is the entire look. Golf is now fashionable. Modern manufacturers create runs that work equally well off the golf course because they do on it. This cross market is very much a welcome addition. Players will have an option to fit their style. For the outrageous, you have loud tartan trousers in bold colors and for the fashionable; you have subtle military colours with fine delicate details.

Function along with style. Golf trend has moved on 1000000 miles. Driven by this younger audience, it now almost mirrors (if not dictates) high street fashion. Your selection of golf clothing has become just as important as your choice of golf clubs. Welcome to the planet of the Contemporary Player.

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