Pilates for Golfers Workouts and Strategies

The problem with most workouts for sports is that they don’t do enough to mimic playing the sport. But with Pilates for Golfers that’s not going to be a problem. You’re going to work on the specific muscles you need for golf. Plus it’s dynamic work, so you can be sure you’re getting much stronger altogether.

Sure Pilates seems like a woman’s exercise, but it’s actually one of the best ways for men to get in shape too. That’s because of the way that you’re going to be working out. Instead of focusing on one muscle group, you focus on the entire area.

As they say, you want to have the club in the perfect position so that you’re about kissing your shoulder on your drive. That’s how you go far, but you’re going to hurt yourself if you’re not very flexible.

This means every single muscle that you use during a swing gets a good workout. That means more power, and more stability when you strike the ball. Which then of course leads to a better contact, and some seriously accurate driving.

Essentially this program is about utilizing great Pilates moves that mimic what you do on the golfing greens. That way you’re actually practicing your swing, developing muscle memory, and then building muscle at the same time.

That’s why gym machine workouts aren’t as effective. Usually they are so focused on one muscle group, they fail to improve the larger area around that one specific muscle. That’s perfect if you’re a bodybuilder, but you want performance right?

Not only does that ensure a more perfect contact with every swing. But you can also ensure that you don’t tire as the game goes on. Sure Golf isn’t the most physically intense sport, but if you’re walking the course you’re going to fatigue.

Pilates for Golfers is all about building that muscle memory so that you get a great connection every single time. But it’s also ideal for making sure you get a better speed out of your swing. That makes you more explosive, and ensures better results at the tee.

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