Salt Water Aquarium Fish – Caring For Them Correctly

by The Aquarium Lady

Salt water aquarium fish require far more care and maintenance than their freshwater cousins. There are certain things which one needs to take into consideration when looking after salt water aquarium fish.

Below we offer some advice and information regarding certain things which you should be doing to make sure that you care for your salt water aquarium fish correctly. You don’t need to just think about whether each breed of tropical fish is compatible with the others in the tank, but whether as they grow they have enough room to be able to comfortably swim around.

It is a good idea therefore to actually spend time learning as much as you can about the different species of saltwater fish available for placing in aquariums. This way you can then determine which of the many breeds including Angelfish, Clownfish, Tang’s, Damsel’s, Goby’s and Hawkfish you actually want to put in your saltwater aquarium.

Salt Water Aquarium Fish Tank – Monitoring It Is Crucial

On a regular basis you need to check the tanks water to make sure that there are no parasites, bacteria or fungi growing in it and which can be harmful to the salt water aquarium fish in the tank. Sometimes the new fish you purchase and which you put directly into the tank may have some disease or other infection and you don’t even know that they have it.

It is best therefore before you introduce any new salt water aquarium fish into your tank that you keep them in a separate isolation tank for a few days. This way you can keep a better watch on them to make sure that they are healthy and then move them over to the main aquarium after the time is up. Most people use a small plastic tank containing some water, gravel and plants for keeping any fish new or ill in isolation from the others.

At no time should you ever attempt to put more than a few new salt water aquarium fish into your tank at any one time. Too many new fish in an aquarium can result in harmful levels of ammonia being produced and this could lead to some or all of the fish in the tank dying.

Feeding Salt Water Aquarium Fish

One of the main problems you are going to be faced with when it comes to owning and caring for salt water aquarium fish is how much food they should be given. A large number of fish will die prematurely simply because their owners have over fed them. Spend some time therefore learning about the foods they should be given and how much to ensure that your salt water aquarium fish remain healthy.

Giving salt water aquarium fish too much food can actually damage the filtration system within the tank and lead to waste being accumulated in it. This waste can actually then make the salt water aquarium fish in the tank far more prone to becoming ill through diseases and infections.

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