Talking About Creativity

by Valerie Garner

Recently a good friend shared how she found a store where you could paint your own pottery. She had never done anything like this before in her life and was talking about how much she loved doing this. She explained how she couldn’t wait to go and found herself wanting to go paint everyday.

She then said something that took me completely off guard, “I’ve never done anything like this before in my life, I’m one of those people who have no talent, or an artistic bone in my body.” I asked her in shock if she truly believed that, and she said yes, she did.

I do not believe that about any person. I believe especially in people who haven’t found their “niche” yet, that there is a wealth of hidden, undiscovered talent, which just hasn’t been found yet. I love meeting people like this because to me, I sense a treasure hunt.

I have discovered in my life when I’m not doing something creative, there was something missing. That I felt off balance somewhat. I believe we are born with a need to express creativity. Sometimes it takes a process to find what’s blocking creativity.

Expand your thinking and definition of what creativity is. It isn’t only a person who can draw or paint or write. Most didn’t just take it up and were good at it at their first attempt. It was a natural talent, but it needed to be developed. They learned and practiced to become good at what they do. Just about anything and any medium can be created into art. Gardening can be an art form for instance. I’ve seen some gardens that truly were a work of art and almost breath taking. I’ve seen junk turned into art, there’s jewelry making, basket weaving, knitting, spinning your own yarn, photography, too much to list. Start thinking big.

Take some time discovering some areas of interest for yourself. What are you drawn to? Where are you curious about how it was created and the process to make it? What are some things you love to do? Those are good areas to begin researching. Consider taking some lessons to see if the interest increases or decreases once you dabble in it.

Invest in yourself. Take a class, get a book or find a possible mentor. Put into action a commitment to learn. Each one who has mastered a skill goes through a learning process and starts at step one. Start. Put away the excuses and fears. It doesn’t have to be perfect; you don’t even need to show it to others if you don’t want to. Give yourself permission to fail, but give it enough time and dedication to see if it’s something that fits you or not. If it doesn’t, move on to try something else, but keep looking until you find that fit.

Creativity isn’t just about what we’re doing. It’s also about who we are as people. When we begin to move in our creativity, it will affect others around us as well. Its so amazing when you see that spark of creativity begin to spark creativity in those around us as well.

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