Teach Yourself Guitar

by Adam Newman

When you are interested in learning how to play a guitar, generally you would find an experienced guitar player or friend to teach you how to play on guitar or you will join one of the commercial music schools to learn playing guitar. But for many it is not always possible or convenient to do so.

Alternative avenues are available. Many websites provide online instruction courses to teach you how to play on guitar. These online instruction courses are written by experts in guitar playing and are teachers by profession, and their instructions are fairly exhaustive. You can teach yourself guitar by following these instruction courses or online lessons.

When you learn fro online courses the advantage is that you can learn at your own convenience and at a time that suits you best. These instructions take you step-by-step right from the basics, teaching you how to hold the instrument, how your “fretting arm” should be positioned to give you maximum ease in playing, how your strumming arm should be positioned and so on.

For tuning your guitar which is required to be done quite often, if you invest in a small gadget called “guitar tuner” your problem will be solved. The guitar tuner advises you by blinking lights the correction required to get the note in tune after listening to each string as you play it. This, you will find, an invaluable help because a novice like you cannot expect to develop an expert’s sense of tuning.

These online lessons are definitely capable to teach yourself guitar if you patiently and diligently follow them. The lessons will take you through the whole process almost by holding your hand explaining how to play the chords, how to play the scales, how to strum and so on. The lessons will teach you how the guitar notations are read and played. You will enjoy the whole process of learning when you will be memorizing “Every Adult Dog Growls, Barks, Eats” to remember the strings.

You cannot be expected to carry on playing the scales and chords day in and day out; the lessons will gradually show you the simple songs that you can play with the limited proficiency you would have attained so that you get some pleasure as well as satisfaction of being able to feel your own progress. You learn about major chords and minor chords and then learn to play suitable songs that can be easily downloaded.

These comprehensive lessons will give you the resources to many lyrics with their tab so that variety of styles can be practiced and gradually you gain expertise. Various special techniques of playing guitar will be taught and they will take you to a point at which you would be able to figure out songs off a CD.

Video instructions also are available at many websites. Nowadays there are so many resources available on the internet that it is not very difficult to teach yourself guitar to a point of high proficiency.

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