The story behind St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is, without exception, one of the important and treasured festivals of all. St. Patrick himself was Ireland’s ultimate ‘activist’, universally recognised for bringing Christianity to the shores of the ‘Emerald Island’ and to the hearts of its people: a true Irish hero respected all over the world, even today. St. Patrick’s Day festivities usually begin with a pilgrimage to a chapel, or some other sacred place, and ends with a good old Irish knees-up, one that includes lots of food, drink, music and dance.

What I find most exquisite about St. Paddy’s Day, aside from the fantastical celebrations, is its association to the idea of searching for ‘good luck’. Old wives’ tales tell us that there are three ways of obtaining good luck on this Holy day, they are as follows:

1. Wear green: For green represents Ireland and all things Irish. It is the colour of the “Emerald Isle”, the shamrock, and the season of spring. People wear green on this day to show, not only their patriotism, but their love and respect for the revered St. Patrick.

2. Find a four-leaf clover: Back in time, the Druids were strong believers that a four-leaf clover held superstitious powers and could help in identifying witches or other demons, whilst others believed that it was a symbol of good fortune (and still do to this day). Contemporary spiritualists, now tend to believe that the four-leaf clover releases a kind of special energy and helps one’s judgment. The clover plant usually produces the accustomed leaf as we know it with three notable parts. However, botanists actually believe that if a young clover leaf is damaged or exposed to certain chemicals, then it produces a four-leaf clover. It is this less-common four-leaf clover which is said to bring luck.

3. “Kiss the Blarney Stone”: This well-known stone is set in one of the walls in the tower of the Blarney Castle; a medieval stronghold in Blarney, near Cork in Ireland, alongside the River Martin. Legend has it that by ‘kissing the Blarney Stone’, the kisser will be rewarded with the ‘gift of the gab’. Basically, you’ll at once become very talkative, very confident and able to spread ‘blarney’. To be able to kiss the stone, you must dangle yourself from a position by which, if you fell, you would ultimately meet your end.

So, if you’re looking for somewhere to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day and all things Irish this year, why not head down to London’s notorious private member’s club, Home House. Celebrate in style with Black Velvet, Irish coffee, Guinness Punch and of course Guinness itself. Irish music will be sure to be playing to rock the mood and, who knows, you may even find your very own four-leaf clover for luck or go out on a quest to ‘kiss the Blarney Stone’ yourself.. Let’s all cheer for good old St Paddy!

Home House is a private membership clubs for people from all walks of life, which is part of its uniqueness. Quite unlike many other private country clubs, Home House is a place to enjoy leisure time or the perfect spot for a working day. Home House is London’s top st patricks day party.

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