Vintage Garage Signs Are Popular With Many

Automotive collectibles and vintage garage signs in particular are quite popular with various types of collectors. Their broad range of availability and price make them an attractive collectible for consumers with both large and small budgets. Their bright colors and unique subject matter and shape make them appropriate for many uses.

There are many different types of consumers interested in collecting automotive memorabilia. This is likely because there is just so much to choose from. It is easy for collectors with both large and small budgets to find something they can add to their collection. Vintage signs seem to be one of the more popular categories that span both the high and low end, while vintage cars and gas pumps would only be found at the high end of this market.

These signs range from the very small shop hours sign to the huge pieces of neon that hung outside and advertised the name of the garage. The more expensive category includes the large pieces and those with more working parts. However, it seems many collectors are drawn to both the large and small types.

The most common automotive signs were used for advertising oil, gasoline or even an automobile manufacturer. They came in various shapes, including circles, squares or even custom shapes. Square versions are more common so they may be a bit less expensive than some of the less common circles or custom shapes. Of course, the limited availability and the condition of the piece also play a big part in determining the price.

Most avid collectors simply buy their pieces to hang in their shops or homes. However, they can be used for many other decor purposed as well. Some collectors prefer more creative uses and seek pieces that may have a bit of extra wear or damage and wouldn’t be suitable for hanging. These pieces can be made into a top for a table or maybe even a clock. These slightly damaged pieces also make great additions to an eclectic outdoor garden.

As is often the case with collectibles, the types of collectors looking for garage themed pieces vary as much as the collectibles themselves. It seems mechanics, car collectors and retro fans are most likely to seek automotive collectibles for their homes. However, their bright colors and unique shapes often draw collectors that otherwise wouldn’t be interested in automobiles.

When it comes to locating a vintage garage sign for sale, buyers have several options. Anyone looking for a lower end sign at a lower price would probably have better luck searching flea markets or garage sales. For those with a higher budget who may be searching for that special piece, the internet or an antique dealer may have more to offer.

Vintage garage signs are one of the most popular categories within automotive collectibles. Their popularity is likely due to their broad availability and many sizes and shapes. They are available at many price points which also adds to there popularity among so many collectors.

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