What Is A Glitz Pageant

Beauty pageants have long been held for young women and men to honor grace, poise, and beauty. But, an entire industry of pageants geared towards children has been booming in recent years. Although there are many types for kids to compete in, a glitz pageant is by far the most glamorous.

There are several levels of competition in beauty contests. Natural contests, for instance, favor girls that appear to have a natural looking face, hair style, and dress. A normal competition will have more makeup, bigger hair, fancier dresses, and other enhancements. Glitz beauty pageants are known for going above and beyond by encouraging an over the top look.

A typical dress for glitz will be encrusted in beading or crystals to ensure that it pops on stage and truly sparkles. Hair becomes an investment, with professionals being brought in or wigs being created to create drama. The contestants also use a significant amount of makeup to enhance their features while they are on stage.

Some families even invest in other cosmetic accessories to ensure success in child glitz pageants. For example, many girls will get fitted for flippers, a set of fake teeth to enhance the smile from the stage. Fake tans are ubiquitous for contestants of all ages to give a girl a flattering glow. To top it all off, they may even apply fake eyelashes or fake nails.

A pageant of this proportion has many different aspects. Small titles can be won by submitting head shots. These may be titles such as most fashionable or most photogenic. A swimsuit or outfit of choice section allows the girls to express their individuality and communicate personality. Finally, the beauty portion looks for facial beauty and stage presence.

In order to win the overall pageant, a contestant must be pulled as a high scorer in her own age group. It is from this pool that the judges determine a winner. After being crowned with a sparkly tiara, the winner might be presented withe some gifts. But, many pageants will even give this individual a cash prize.

This type of competition has received much publicity over the last few years as it has been featured in several reality series on television. This shows follow certain contestants as they prepare for and compete in pageants. It has garnered an interesting combination of acclaim and criticism. Many critics feel that such competitions place too much value on physical appearance for young people.

A glitz pageant for kids is a labor intensive process with many components. But, for those girls that come out on top, the pay out can be big. It can even lead to a successful beauty pageant career.

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