Your Easy Guide to Wine Tasting and the ‘Finer’ Things in Life

If there’s one drink that unites the world then it has to be wine. With so many wines on the market, there is something to suit all tastes. With its global popularity, there has always been, and continues to be, a wine hierarchy. From your sparkling, to your table wine and then to your pice de rsistance, fine wine; just how much do we know and appreciate about this world-wide love affair?

A large portion of fine wines derive from the Bordeaux region of France. The majority of these wines are referred to as Claret because of their deep red colouring. Traditionally, Claret was known as a hot, full-bodied wine poured over spices – a little like what we would refer to as mulled wine. Despite the shifts in its meaning, Claret has always remained a term associated to the upper classes and is often used to describe a fine red from the Bordeaux region. Some of the world’s most lavish and expensive wines are made in this part of France.

The only way to really determine a fine wine is to taste it. Tasting wines is in reality quite straightforward and can also make for an enjoyable social outing. It’s all about working with the senses; sight, smell and taste.

Sight You can tell a lot about a wine from its colour. White wines tend to have accent colours, such as, green or gold. Red wines, on the other hand, can almost look purple or plum. The best way to really investigate a wine’s true colour is to tip the glass away from you, preferably against a white background, such as a napkin. This technique will really help you to observe its colour and clarity.

Smell Swirl the glass for several seconds and then smell the wine; do this a few times to get a sense of the overall aroma. If it is a white wine, you may detect peach, pear, lemon or apple. If it is a red wine, you may detect cherry, raspberry or even plum. In fact, there are many fruits or spices you could smell; so really do think about the scents that are coming through.

Taste And now for the best part, taste. Just take a small sip at first and swirl the wine in your mouth. From this act alone, you should be able to detect whether or not it is full-bodied or something lighter. You can then start to sip the wine, whilst thinking about whether you are tasting the scents that came through earlier.

After you have completed your splendid wine-tasting exercise, you should be able to sit back and differentiate between the qualities of the wines you investigated. The above all sounds a little dull though doesn’t it? Let’s not forget that wine-tasting can also be a fun, social hobby. Many clubs and restaurants hold such events and receive a great turnout. One for the diary is at Home House, London, on the 27th August. The luxurious, private members’ club will be celebrating the great wines of Bordeaux and is set to be an event not to be missed!

Home House is a social hotspot for people from all walks of life, which is part of its uniqueness. Quite unlike many other members clubs in London, Home House is a place to enjoy leisure time or the perfect spot for a working day. Home House is London’s premier private wine event.

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