Alicante Holidays on a Budget

by John Bakers

The Costa Blanca in Spain is a very famous tourist destination on the coast of Spain. This is in the Mediterranean and benefits from the climate that you would expect from such an area. This region is in the Province of Alicante which starts at Denia. It borders the province of Valencia.

Costa Blanca means the white coast which is because of the white beaches which are unique and look like nothing else. These beaches are beautiful and clean, there are also a number of wonderful towns that you can visit such as Altea, Benidorm, Moraira, Torrevieja and Guardamar.

Everybody has a different opinion when it comes to choosing their perfect holiday destination. Every town is slightly different, we will look at some of the popular destinations now so that you can find a Costa Blanca package holiday that suits you.

Javea This is on the east side of the Iberian Peninsula which is located around 90km from Alicante. This city has an airport, alternatively you could also travel to Valencia airport which is around 100km away. These cities both have large international airports which can make international travel extremely easy and convenient.

If you take a look at a map of Spain then you will notice that the A7 highway will connect Javea to the rest of the European highways. Javea has beautiful natural landscapes, wonderful awe inspiring beaches and historical sites of importance. All of these things have increased the popularity of Javea over time.

Bullfighting Bullfighting is something which Spain is very famous for, and you might of thought that to enjoy it you will need to spend a fortune to get close to the action. However during the summer it is very popular for the bulls to be brought onto the streets. Many young men will take part in this bull run, as it is a great way to show off. All of the streets are blocked off to make sure that everything is safe.

Bullfighting can seem like a horrible idea to many people, however you will never know until you’ve seen it. Sometimes people even put rags around a bulls horns and light it on fire. It is all because of the adrenalin that people get when trying to avoid the bulls.

Raisin market This is a very historic market which was very important in the past of the towns economy. During the summer many local people will go to their summer home to pick grapes. It is very difficult to harvest grapes, it’s a very labor intensive process. This is then used for making raisins. Once the grapes have been cut they are then processed and dried. Javea was well known as a major exporter of raisons and became one of the biggest exporters at one time. Nowadays however tourism is more important to the economy.

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