Are Government Grants for Home Business Real?

by George Arevdour

So, you are thinking about starting a business, but you have no money. What do you do? Get a free, easy government grant. It sounds good, but there’s a catch. For the most part, these claims, seen all over television and the internet are usually false. Before you buy information on grants, read below!

You may have seen these ads on television or on the internet; they tell you to buy this information package full of government grant programs. The price range for some of these “packages” is $30 to $50! You usually end up with a useless list of government numbers. The operators will tell you the same thing, these programs do not exist! Most of the money the government gives in grants is given to nonprofit organizations that offer information, advice, and services to small businesses; they generally do not give out money to just anyone!

This rumor refuses to go away. The reason is simple. Many con men have made fortunes by swindling innocent, uninformed consumers. They usually take your money and all you get is a list of government numbers. The problem is that the operators will tell you these grants don’t exist. Often the books will warn you this will happen. They will tell you to keep calling. It does not matter how many times you call, the answer won’t change. The government isn’t lying and hiding the money, as the books lead you to believe, these programs are just not what they claim them to be!

Another reason rumors about government grants for home business persists is the number of people who wish it were true. Wishing something true will not make it so. These predators prey on people who take these promises for granted. The internet adds to the dilemma by giving them a place to set up shop. These factors combine and the machine keeps rolling, causing distress to millions as they struggle to get these ?easy? government grants.

This doesn?t mean government grants for business do not exist. They are just not easy to get and are not for all business starters. The SBA or Small Business Administration offers a program called the Small Business Innovative Research grant. This grant offers $100,000 to businesses that will research new technologies. You have to be some kind of a scientist to get that though, the government isn?t going to just give that to anyone!

Block grants one of the few legitimate ways to benefit from government grants for home business.The federal government will sometimes allocate money for specific areas that could use economic development. The only real way to secure money through a block grant is to show you can supply jobs to the region.

Another real way to get government money for businesses is to take out a loan. Loans must be paid back with interest, though, so this may not be an option for you. Before taking out any loans, seriously consider your ability to pay it back, no matter what happens with the business.

If you are interested in starting a business, there are better ways to obtain information than paying for a book of information that will get you nowhere. One step is to research legitimate private organizations in your area. You can certainly consider applying for a government loan. Either way, heed any ads you see about government grants for home business, as they are probably a scam!

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