Assisted Living Fort Dodge Getting Ready To Move

Getting ready for moving into assisted living Fort Dodge requires a plan. A persons memories become more and more precious with each passing year. When moving, taking as many of the things that keep those memories close becomes paramount. The transition from home to facility can also be hard on family members wanting to care for the senior members of their family.

Prior to moving in an assessment is done on each potential resident to find out what services are required, if any. It could be help with moving, bathing, or dressing. Medicine is usually dispensed by a nurse so there is no possibility of overdosing or missing a dose.

There are typically a doctor, nurse and nursing assistants available for residents. Although there are care providers on staff all services may not be included. In some cases, if the resident requires help with the daily activities, there will be an additional charge or the service may have to be contracted by an outside service.

Independence is important to every human being. As an adult it is important to know you are making your own decisions about your life but there will come a time when assistance is necessary. If it cannot be provided in the home then it is time to make a change before safety is compromised.

To prepare mentally for the move, visiting the residence is the first step. This helps the future resident and their family members. Both can talk to current residents and find out first hand how good the place is. It helps ease the transition to see a “familiar” face. Check out the activities available and try to find one to get involved in. This is another way to make friends and become a part of the community.

The visiting should take place one day on the weekend, as well as during the regular week. There are different people on staff on those days and provide more opportunity to see the residence from different perspectives. Choosing the apartment can be done during that time. Take note of the dimensions of the space. This will help in determining what can be moved in.

When it comes to the home a person has lived in for many years, choices will need to be made about how to move, what items to move and what to do with what is left behind. Size up the space that was chosen at the facility and picture the arrangement of furniture items that can fit. If there is a pet, see if the facility accepts pets prior to signing a contract. A pet can make the move much easier.

After the initial move into assisted living Fort Dodge there needs to be a lot of visits and phone calls from family. In this way if there is an issue the loved one may feel comfortable to relay that information. Decorating and personalizing the space is allowed, so as many things that can be put up to make it feel like home should be used as possible.

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