Babysitter Service: All You Need To Know

by Rashel Dan

Babysitter services are not uncommonly today. It is therefore impossible for you not to find a good sitter. The good services of your sitter however, depend to some extent on how you communicate with your sitter and how you treat her. Here are some good points to remember when dealing with your sitter.

Settle the Rate

The first thing you have to agree on is the sitter’s rate. The rate will depend on a couple of factors. These include age of the sitter, number of kids to watch over, ages of the kids, amount of work to be done, hours of work and experience of the sitter. Unfortunately, there is no set rule for coming up with a permanent sitter rate. What you have to do then is to carefully talk to your sitter about an agreeable rate considering various factors. These days, it is usually quite unacceptable to pay a sitter below $3. You would have to pay over that depending on what you agree on.

Set Rules for Dealing with Kids

If you want your sitter to be effective, you have to tell her what you want. You have to be very clear and specific with your instructions. Tell her what you allow your kids to eat or to watch on T.V. Give instructions on what to do when your child misbehaves or refuses to follow instructions.

Take schedules for example. If schedules have to be followed, then be sure to tell her about that. This may include schedules for naptime, sleep time, classes and snacks. If there are any special concerns such as a toddler that is prone to tantrums, then be sure to tell your sitter in advance.

Set Rules for the Sitter

There should be rules for your sitter to follow as well. Your babysitter service provider should also know if you have rules for her to follow. It is only natural for you to set some guidelines since she will be staying in your house. At the same time though, you should be prepared not to be too strict with your sitter. It would be very unreasonable for example not to allow your sitter to use any of your things in your living room or kitchen. The guidelines you should set may have something to do with the length of personal calls, sleeping on duty and having personal visitors while on duty.

Always Ask Questions

Have a brief chat with your sitter when you get home. Ask her how things went and if she enjoyed being with your kids. This would also be a good time to address specific concerns. Your sitter for example may have had a particularly difficult time with handling one of your kids. Ask her how she dealt with the situation and make sure to praise her if she did a good job at handling it.

Be Generous

Food and Drinks – Never forget to leave your sitter something to eat or drink. This is a basic courtesy. Even if you are paying her, it would be a sign of generosity on your part to offer her something extra. This is an especially good idea if she hasn’t eaten her meal yet. Being extra kind and generous on your sitter would make her feel that only the best kind of service is expected from her.

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