Babysitters Needed: Five Things You Should Find Out About Sitters

by Rashel Dan

You may be thinking of having babysitters needed signs. Advertising helps. If you’re worried that no one would respond, you shouldn’t be. Many people would grab the opportunity to baby sit for the extra cash. Your real problem would be finding the right babysitter for your kids. Here are five things that can help you determine if someone can be trusted with your children.

Experience as Nanny – Find out how long an applicant has been babysitting. If you have small kids, a lot of kids or children who are quite a handful, you would want to have an experienced sitter. On the other hand, you may settle for a neophyte sitter if you have a kid who is already past five years old.

Find out the age preference of a particular sitter. Not everyone for example would be comfortable and skilled enough with taking care of infants. It is important that the age of your kids fall within the level of experience and preference of your sitter.

References – If there are babysitters needed in your area, she may have already worked for others. In this case, she should at least be able to present you with some references. Give her references a call and find out how well she has baby sat for others. One thing you should remember though is that it is your sitter who is supplying the references. She would naturally forward the names of people who she thinks will give her a positive feedback. You shouldn’t rely entirely on references.

Sitter’s Background – You should look for background information on your applicants. You don’t want a sex offender, criminal or former drunk driver minding your kids. This may be a little tricky to look into. No one who wants to desperately have a job would volunteer damaging information about herself. You could ask your applicant to present some clearances or formal recommendations that would vouch for her clean personal background.

Method of Handling Kids – She may have a lot of experience handling kids of all ages. This doesn’t mean though that she has the exact same methods as yours when handling kids. She may not keep the same policies that you keep with your kids. Before you accept a sitter, make sure that you ask her about her methods. How would she handle kids in specific situations? What is her usual response when a child is being difficult? If she has different ways of handling kids, be sure to tell her how you would want things to be handled.

Her Rate – One crucial point that you shouldn’t miss is her rate. You can’t expect a sitter to accept your offer just because she wants to have a job. There are many other families looking for sitters. If your rate isn’t acceptable to her, she can look for other families to sit for. Many things can influence the rate such as sitter experience and amount of work to be done. Be sure to talk to your sitter and negotiate for an acceptable rate.

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