Babysitting Services: What To Avoid

by Rashel Dan

Today, most parents will go for a good babysitting service. However, looking for the right service can be as trying as looking for a sitter on your own. If you want to find a good sitter from a good service, then there are some things you shouldn’t do.

Choose a service at random.

Never decide on impulse. There are so many babysitter sites these days. Many of them will claim to provide quality sitters and top service. Not all of these sites however will be able to deliver on their claims. The danger with making impulsive decisions is that you could end up with a bad service.

Before you pick a service, take some time to research. Compare various sites and their services. Find out what makes certain services stand out. You can also read various client reviews and feedback in forums and independent review sites. Only when you have extensively researched on a service can you really be able to conclude on its reliability.

Treat a babysitting service as an agency.

A lot of babysitting services are clear about the nature of their companies. The first thing you will be able to find out about them is that they aren’t agencies. Agencies typically perform all the screening steps for you. They can recommend several sitters that they think will be able to respond to your needs. After paying your placement fees, they will send your sitter over to your home. Some agencies specialize in sourcing overseas sitters.

Small online babysitting services are a little different. Unless they claim to be a licensed agency, they really serve as directories. They have databases of both families and sitters. Both sides can then meet and find their matches online. Some services offer features similar to those offered by agencies. They may conduct background checks but will leave the final interview and screening to you.

Assume that all services will do everything for you.

Different online agencies may have different services. You therefore cannot expect that every single service will provide you with what you need. Some conduct extensive background and reference checks. Others however do little else besides provide babysitter names and contact information.

Make a list of what you would like a service to do for you. The most common need of parents is to ensure that they have sitters who have never stepped on the other side of the law and have good characters. Aside from this, you may also be interested in other pieces of information such as interview and contract tips.

Think that all services will help you all the way.

Just like any other business, customer service is essential. Find out if a particular sitter service has an accessible and responsive customer service team. Determine too their policies for sending replacements for sitters that are no good.

It is not always very easy to find a good babysitting service. Like any concerned parent though, you should put a lot of effort on getting the right service provider.

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