Be Cautious with Medications for Your Baby

by Ashley King

When your baby is ill and requires medication, use caution when measuring out the dosage prescribed by your health care provider. Although older children and grownups could possibly be fine with a ‘give or take’ measurement, dosages for a baby must be precise.

With a small baby, it’s essential that you pay attention to the dosage, since even a minor variation in the dosage can have a considerable impact on the outcome. Incremental changes in the weight of your little one can greatly impact the dosage of medication prescribed by your physician.

It’s important to use the measuring device that came with the medication in order to administer the correct dosage. If one isn’t supplied make sure that you buy an accurate dosage measure that you can rely on.

Don’t give doses based on a teaspoon, as the size of teaspoons can vary greatly. This can greatly increase the risk of administering more medication than is necessary or safe for your baby. In the worst case scenario, an imprecise dosage of medication could negatively impact your baby’s health instead of helping him.

You should also never make your own judgment on the amount of medication that your child needs. You could be unwittingly causing harm to your baby by doing this. Check with your baby’s physician if you’re uncertain.

Natural health remedies are often very potent. Even though they are natural, they might not be completely safe for your baby. Natural remedies will affect your baby much differently than they would a grownup, and might even cause severe health problems.

Sadly, those who sell these natural remedies aren’t always knowledgeable enough about the effects of the products and their advice could be unreliable. All too often, they are unknowingly risking the health of the individual who uses the product. Remember, it’s important to consult with a medical professional before trying out natural remedies on your baby.

In the early stages of your baby’s development it is best to rely on trusted medical practitioners. Sickness in a small baby can advance very quickly to a critical level. Don’t take the chance of administering medications that might harm your baby’s health.

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