Better Than A Shrink: MOR Vacations!

by Matt Willis

We live in a day and age where multi-tasking tears us from our families, thereby endangering the very fabric that holds it together. We work to keep food on the table, but at what cost? Do you feel like you are “losing your marbles”? Hold it right there. You don’t need to get a shrink to “fix” you. Instead of paying for a psychiatrist to bring you back into the sane world, why not try… Taking more vacations?

As we have a greater need for more vacations today, would it be too much to ask, then, for a massive discount on travel rates: fares and accommodation rates? Would it be overkill to ask for a massive discount on membership fees to travel clubs?

We beg to disagree!

We at MOR Vacations would like to tell you a scandalous non-secret. We are offering membership fees for as low as $898, if you sign up with us before October 1st, 2008.

The $898 is applicable to those who have existing travel memberships with another company to trade in. If you don’t have an existing membership to trade in, we’d still like to help you, as you can still join at only $1298!

How would you like to be able to pay that amount by installment, over the next few months? How about signing up with a company that had compelled Johnny Bolton to, well, “bolt” from his previous travel network business?

MOR Vacations not only allows you to travel at unbelievable discount rates, but it would also allow you to earn through referrals! Talk about letting travel pay for itself!

We are big on mutually beneficial relationships. MOR Vacations would prove beneficial for you, me, and for the people you refer to the membership! The price fits your budget, your prospects, and THEIR prospects!

Can you feel the sizzling heat for the potential of this business? Want to take part in the most attractive income opportunity to hit the Internet Marketing travel niche?

Sign up with us now, so you could enjoy more vacations at MOR Vacations’ value-packed price point!

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