Bring your Deck to life with a Power Wash

by JR Rooney

Your deck is not really clean until it is Power Wash cleaned.

But if you want to sand your deck first, the dust-raising experience can leave you squinting like a naked mole rat gazing into the sunny sky.

John Randazzo, Owner of Long Island Power Wash, says if you decide to sand your deck first it may achieve the desired result, but the gritty experience is less than covetable.

“The deep-cleaning action of a power wash will remove ground-in dirt, mold and mildew without all the mess,” says Randazzo.

Randazzo recommends using at the very least a mid-sized power washer with at least 2400 pounds per square inch of pressure.

“Smaller models will work, but you’ll definitely appreciate a canyon-cleaning stream of a mid- to large-sized model versus a small water pick,” says Randazzo.

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