Bulbs For The Lighting The Office

by Gary Pearson

Normally natural variety of incandescent light bulbs which are between 60 to 150 watts are used in many of the offices. In a few offices, bulbs of different wattage are used as they have a 3-way lighting system from mild to strong lights. They are same as the bulbs which are used in regular homes. Fluorescent tubes are used for lighting some offices, as they provide a gamut of light which is very comforting for the eyes.

Other types of office lighting are the energy efficient fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs are shaped into coiled tubes and screw in at the base much like the standard light bulb. This type of fluorescent light bulb comes in 15 watts or more, making it an energy saver.

Many offices have switched from fluorescent lighting because they felt it could be unhealthy for their office workers. Studies have found that the UV exposure from fluorescent lighting is minimal and less harmful than natural light. If you are worried about sensitivity to light, consider low-UV light bulbs as a replacement in your office. Not only do these lights block ultraviolet emissions, but also they are shatter resistant.

You can try the lighting which is more energy efficient in case the workplace is still having previous fluorescent tube lighting system. Magnetic ballasts are used in them which waste a lot of energy. It is important for the offices to change over to light bulbs which are more energy efficient as per law.

The companies will have to think of extra competent ways of lighting their offices as the fluorescent tube lighting with magnetic ballasts are expected to be barred by year 2010

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