Companionship Services For Elderly Folks In Pleasanton CA Assists Many

One of the worst things, for elderly people, is being alone, all of the time. They will be in their homes or, possibly just their room, without having anything to occupy their time except their memories. One good thing that has been around for quite some time has been a system of companionship services for elderly folks that helps in many cases.

These caring individuals will come from two main sources. Private individuals will offer their services to a few elderly people on a daily basis for a number of hours per day. Others will come from companies established to represent these contractors for a certain percentage of their pay. Either source can be called to compare the two and make a good decision about your loved ones needs.

There are many things that can be done by these professionals. Just being there for the elderly is something. Talking with them, reading, doing a few chores, just so they will not be alone for much of the day really helps. Making the, potential, shut in feel like they have someone that can fill in for a family helps them stay part of a thriving community.

A discrete and dignified service that can be performed and is well meaning is helping the elderly get dressed. Sometimes the zippers and buttons just will not go together correctly. Being dressed, properly, is one of the main ways people retain their dignity and this is true for everyone. Being able to be up and moving, helps everyone regain the best part of the day and your loved ones are no different.

Pleasanton CA regulates all personal services businesses and the smart companies will train their personnel in many ways. They will not be involved, for the most part, in administering medications, however, they should be well versed in side effects and symptoms of mismanaged or mistaken drugs. They should be trained in CPR and basic first aid as well. They will have to have the techniques that will allow them to help individuals in and out of bed, the bath or shower and up and down stairs.

They will not be involved, in any large way, with the administering of any medications, especially not in a structured care setting. They may have involvement while in a home setting. They will follow all directions from the doctor involved and will report to them when appropriate.

The chores or tasks or activities these nice people will do is walking with the patient or elderly for exercise. Helping them gain control over their hair maintenance as well as other personal activities will be part of the overall list. Cleaning kitchens, in a home setting, or dusting will be others. Anything that can not be done by the elderly person can be accomplished in this way.

What a companionship service means is that a person comes to help and become a friendly smile, voice and a helping hand for your loved one. It means that you care for them. Even if you are across the country, you still want them to have someone to talk to and someone who can lend a hand when you can not.

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