Construction of Victorian Porch Railings

by Adam Peters

Victorian Railings Add Beauty to the Home

Victorian railings add a very elegant touch to the decor of your home whether they’re inside the home or Victorian porch railings greeting visitors outside your home. So many homeowners that build or renovate their homes are choosing styles from yesteryear. Victorian porch railings give the appearance of the style used in the Victorian era, which, obviously, explains their name. This style of decorating was used during the times of Queen Victoria, whose reign lasted from 1837 to 1901. Therefore, royal was she that architectural designs today are still done in her grandeur style.

Victorian Railings Add a Sense of Style

While homes today are usually built beautifully, many of them have the same similar yet simple style unlike homes of the past that had a very distinctive style. Victorian homes were built with the affluence and social standing of the owner in mind. The beauty and style of the home was shown in the doors, windows, foyers, staircases and in the rich Victorian porch railings. Victorian railings have a royal appeal and show exquisite designs that enhance the appearance of your deck or front porch. As beautifully designed as they are, it’s important to remember that Victorian porch railings are only going to be truly compatible with appropriately designed homes.

Right Materials for Construction

If you’re home is designed in a style that will be compatible with Victorian porch railings, you’ll definitely want them constructed for your home. If you’re having them built, or building them yourself, you apparently take the appearance of your home very seriously. If this is the case, make sure they are built correctly. The most important detail to remember is to use the right type of materials when constructing your Victorian porch railings. Wood has a low resistance to moisture so if your home is prone to moisture, choose a different material. The ideal choice for you Victorian porch railings is iron with a strong protective covering of lacquer to prevent corrosion and rusting. Besides being strong, iron can also be designed into intricate shapes and styles of the Victorian era.

Vinyl is another material that makes excellent Victorian porch railings because of their suitability for high moisture. However, they are not very comfortable in the hot humid days of summer. Fortunately, new technology has made vinyl much stronger and more resistant to the sun and UV rays.

Keeping Up With the Codes

Any time you do any building or renovating, you have to get some sort of building permit. In addition, home renovations must meet certain codes. Once you have all the codes and permits in order, you’re ready to install your Victorian railings and accentuate the exterior of your home.

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