Creative Ways to Add Sensory Beauty To Your Home

by Rachel Ray

There are many creative ways to add scent to your home, office or even car that brings soothing and relaxing sensations to the senses. We’ll be exploring a few of the ways that can be done.

Carpet Freshener – Very easy to make your own, take about a pound of pure baking soda and mix to it a few drops of essential oil or fragrance oil and blend it up in a food processor. Then pour this out on a shallow try to allow to dry for a couple of hours, stirring occasionally. After this has dried, put in an airtight container.

Two ways you can use this freshener. One is sprinkle on your carpets directly and allow to sit a few minutes, the simply vacuum up. Another way is to put some freshener directly into the vacuum bag and as you vacuum, it’ll release scent.

Simmer a scent by taking a saucepan on your stove and adding apple cider, cinnamon sticks, cloves & some orange peel. Simply let this simmer on low, adding small amounts of water as necessary so it doesn’t run dry. This is a very homey, comforting scent that’s so easy to do.

For a unique scented centerpiece, bake a fresh bundt cake. Find a small jar that will fit inside the bundt cake and fill with fresh fragrant flowers. Try different combinations for a fresh look and smell. An example is a lemon bundt cake with honeysuckle flowers.

Scent your pillows. You can either do a light misting of your favorite perfume (test for color fastness of your linens first), or get an already made linen spray to use. Another method is to insert a small amount of potpourri side a small sachet bag and either pin to the side of the pillow or insert into the pillow case.

Linen drawer or closet scenting. Tuck dried sprigs of lavender between the layers of towels and sheets, and tuck them near the sides of the linens. Lavender is not only soothing and calming, but also works as a moth and insect repellent as well.

Scent some seashells for a visual and scent pleasure in your bathroom or bedroom. For small shells, soak a couple minutes in olive oil with a couple drops of essential oil added. For large shells, add a couple drops of essential oil directly to the inside of the shell. Then place the shells in a decorative tray or basket.

Scented powder puff. Get some of your favorite scented powder, or even baby powder if that’s your preference. Get one of those luxurious powder puffs, and take a long bubble bath. After the bath, pamper yourself with these beautifully scented powders applied with the soft powder puffs. The scent stays with you a long time and is one of those small ways to feel truly pampered and destressed.

Finding ways to incorporate scents, textures, sights and sound can help us relax and combat the stress in our rushed, tension and pressure filled lives. Sometimes simply touches help us to remember to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.

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