Curtains and Window Coverings

by Johnathan Bakers

Curtains used to be considered entirely utilitarian and functional. They were thought of as a way to control light coming into the home, adding privacy, and as an insulator, but they have made a change into more of a part of the dcor and home design. The many different choices in window coverings and curtains have given homeowners and decorators the freedom that they needed to make the windows more a part of the decorating, rather than as just an outlet to the world.

The difference between curtains and drapes is a wide one for many people and decorators. Drapes are normally thought of as fabric that is heavy and long and hung from a traverse rod that allows the drapes to be hooked into the rod for ease in opening and closing. They are normally for more formal rooms. Curtains are considered to be more casual and can be many different lengths. They are often tied back and pulled opened and closed, due to their light weight. They can be used with blinds or shades for added light control and privacy control.

Curtain Types

Curtains come in three main types – tiered, cafe, and panel. A panel curtain is simply lengths of fabric that are hemmed and suspended from a curtain rod. They are allowed to hang naturally, which gives the window more of a casual and welcoming look. They can be used in many different rooms in the home, including bedrooms, living rooms, or family rooms. Caf curtains are normally used in a kitchen or dining area. They normally leave the upper part of the window open to the outside for added light and beauty. They are very informal and invoke more of the country look and feel. Tiered curtains are several different panels that create a tiered effect on the windows. They come in several different lengths to allow you to create the perfect look for your window and your room.

All of these curtains come in three basic lengths. There is the floor length curtains where the hem hangs just above the floor, as well as the below the sill and the sill lengths. Depending upon the style and look of your window and room, you will choose what you think works best for the room and the window.

Another choice that you will have to consider is whether you want lined or unlined curtains. This will depend upon how much light or privacy that you want to allow in or keep out of the room. The lined curtains offer you the most light blocking ability, but in some rooms, you may rather have a way to simply diffuse the light, rather than block it entirely. In this case, you will want to choose unlined curtains. Lined curtains can also act as an insulator for drafty windows, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

Curtains are a home design choice that will consider many different things, including your own personality, the dcor of your room, your windows, and your functional needs. By merging these considerations, you will be able to choose the right window coverings and curtains for your room.

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