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MOR Vacations is offering some amazing specials during pre-launch. Those who partner directly with Dwayne Parler and his winning team, Team Diamond will all benefit from his knowledge. MOR Vacations has set up a perpetual leverage type pay plan for its affiliates. Independent reps earn $1000 commission for each sale no matter how wide or deep they build their teams. MOR Vacations members with Team Diamond, are provided with a “highly sought after” turn key marketing system that includes an extensive erray of marketing tips, tricks and strategies. In addition to the great MOR Vacations travel product and our turnkey marketing system, Dwayne sees another reason for the success his MOR Vacations team members are having.

MOR Vacations offers over 5400 resort locations and members can select from hundreds of thousands of weeks that are available. There are over 20,000 hotels at up to 65% off, Cruises up to 50% off, great savings on package tours including airfare, car rentals, golf, skiing, and much more. MOR Vacations is new, but it’s membership company is not. In fact the parent membership company has been around for over 23 years and has more than 100,000 active members. MOR Vacations is an extremely rare opportunity in such a time as this. MOR Vacations came when there was a dare need for a vacation business that would actually listen to its affiliates.

MOR Vacations pays up to $1000 commissions on your sales and on the sales of people you sign up as well, and they will also offer bonuses. The payplan is devised so that people at the bottom can actually make more than the people at the top, it’s truly amazing. MOR Vacations travel membership was first offered for sale to the public in 1985 while the Global Resorts Network GRN travel membership provider dates back to 1986. MOR Vacations offers one week vacations that start at $149. MOR Vacations also has about 10% more resorts in its registry and its weeks range from half of the cost of GRN’s up to Diamond level accommodations – something GRN does not offer.

Right Now, you can receive the Diamond Level Lifetime Package at a discounted rate of $1,298….This is a limited act – right now deal as to how quickly MOR Vacations and Team Diamond is growing!

MOR Members have benefited from outstanding deals on vacations, weekend trips and other leisure activities. MOR Vacations also have a 5% to 15% cash back program that provides even greater discounts on many travel destinations.

If you are considering a position in MOR Vacations as a reseller or you are looking at the product as a home based business opportunity, then go to: for MOR information..

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