Emerald Passport Scam Review, Is this the One for You?

by George L. Kenney

Searching Google for an online business opportunity, I found Emerald Passport. I navigated through a informative website and then called the owner to find out more. I spoke to one of the owners, Billie, who was very informative and answered all of my questions eagerly.

What are you Marketing?

The Phase One product is a personal and wealth development course which is digital. The investment at the Phase One level is $1,295.00. There are additions made to the course periodically and once you are a “distributor” you receive all additional updates after joining for no charge. The profit to the “independent distributor” for a Phase One sale is $1,000.00 with $295.00 goes to the company.

The second, or Phase Two product is a four day “Self and Wealth” business conference. Topics include personal development and wealth building. The cost for this level is $5,995.00 with the distributor keeping $4,500.00 and the remainder going to the company.

The Phase Three product is a “Millionaires” conference. This conference has to do more with wealth building. The investment at this level is $14,995.00. The independent distributor keeps $10,000.00 and the remaining $4,995.00 goes to the company.

How do you get Paid?

Once again I found a program which has a good concept in that you can start small and grow into your business. This is a program that uses the “Australian 2-up” compensation plan. What this means is that once you sign up as an “independent distributor”, and make sales, your first two “training sales” go to your sponsor. This means giving up or passing up $2,000.00 to your sponsor for their mentoring.

This changes at Phase Two and Three. At these levels Billie told me that you are only required to pass one sale at each level. She also mentioned that if I came on board buying all three Phases at the same time, I would be instantly qualified, and therefore wouldn’t have to pass up any sales.


Emerald Passport offers good quality digital products at the first level. After careful consideration, I chose not to join. Its a difficult for me to grasp, that I’m going to put a tremendous amount of effort into getting my business going, and then I’m expected to give up my first $2,000.00 in earnings. Doesn’t seem logical, especially if you can find something better.

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