Exquisite Basement Remodeling

by Ken Morris

Basements were once considered just a dark, moist place that you used for storing things that you did not need. The floor of the basement was not even considered and was, for the most part, simply a cement slab. No one used the basement for living, so no effort was put into making it a warm and inviting place. This thought changed, however.

Several years ago, some homeowners began seeing this space as one that could add living space to their homes by adding bars, televisions, and more. They began adding flooring, adding sheetrock to the walls, painting, and overall decorating to give it more of a feel of a room, rather than a forgotten storage space. This new space was filled up with couches, TVs, stereo systems, bars, and game tables to help make it an entertaining and exquisite place to hang out.

Have you ever heard the expression “Clothes make the man?” It is applicable in the case of a basement as well. Dcor makes the room a room. Due to the fact that most basements do not have windows, it is important that you carefully choose the floor, because it will be such a big part of the room. Your floors will help to dictate the look and feel of your room, which is why it is so important to make the choice carefully and with a great deal of thought.

Choices for Your Basement Floor

Your basement should be decorated according to your own personal preference and style. You have several different floor choices to allow you to make the most of your room.

1) One of the most common choices for basement floors is laminate flooring. It is not expensive and can be easily installed by you or by a professional. It is also low-maintenance, which is an excellent benefit, especially if you have children or pets. A simple sweeping and mopping can help to rid the flooring of any substance that is spilled on it, from food to pet urine.

2) Carpeting is another choice that you will want to consider for your basement floors. It is warm and comfortable and it comes in many different types, colors, and price points. It make a room feel more formal and more like a room and it can help to insulate the floors during cooler months to help decrease the pull on the heater. You will have to vacuum it and clean up spills, but it can be just the touch that your basement needs to make it feel warmer and more inviting.

3) Hardwood flooring is another exquisite floor choice that you will want to consider for your basement. The fact that it is a basement and is somewhat moisture prone is one consideration that you will want to include in your choice, especially if you live in an area that is prone to flooding. If you just cannot live without the hardwood floors in your basement, however, just be sure that you ask about how to take care of it in case it become waterlogged. Then you will be prepared.

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