Fear is what holds you back from financial freedom

by John Wallen

Once again it is gone until next year. Another summer zips on by in a blink of an eye, and we hope you had the best one ever. We always look forward to spending the whole month of August up in the north woods getting away from all the insanity on our favorite lake. We have little hideaways to get too from our boat where the bottom is nice and sandy.

We made sure there was always plenty of ice to get that cooler going, so we can be out on the lake by mid morning. We usually hit a few fishing spots, but before you know it, it’s high noon and were off to those cool sandy bottom shores to just take it easy, Stay cool in mother natures beauty. The sounds of the busy world far away.

The summer will take a while to be a faded memory. But that’s the way we always feel when September rolls around. It’s starting to look and feel like autumn, and we will get used to that like we always do. The summer is by far our favorite season. Those summer days just spent, were our passion, what we live for, it breaths life into our souls.

My little lady Deb and I, are passionate about how we choose to live our life. Choices are what we inherit from the day we are born. Both of us have made the choice a while back, to never stop believing that achieving our goals is the key to unlocking our freedom. We knew working for someone else was not going to give us that freedom.

If you think about it, your employer is controlling the amount of money and the amount of time it takes to make it. When we decide to conquer our fears and rid ourselves of all those pre conceived notions we have all been taught while growing up, we realized where were at in life, is a result of what we were focused on at the time.

If you believe you can accomplish your goals, you will find the way to unlocking your freedom. Of course there will be times you do not feel this way, but don’t ever think you don’t have choices in the way you want to run your life. You can choose to believe this our not, but you can have what you really desire if you can motivate, and work for it.

We work at home, around three hours a day with a affiliate internet business that works beyond believe. This opportunity has taught us how to be very successful on the internet, and keeps on par with new marketing systems that to put to use all the time. This didn’t happen overnight, but we did unlock ourselves from that prison, by connecting to the right minds.

If you give yourself the chance to connect that inner genius we all have, then connect to those putting theirs to good use, you will have the key to escape that prison. Life is not suppose to keep dragging you down unless you are making that choice on your own. When you make that choice to open new doors and want to be successful, great things will happen in your life.

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