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Gone are the days when untrained personnel used to guard the buildings or properties in their free times. As the days went by and with the advent of technology and increase in crime rates, requirement for trained guards from reliable security agencies, in New Jersey has increased considerably. Even though their primary duty is to prevent and deter wrong doings, they need to be trained separately to handle their duties in specific areas.

Over time, perspective on security systems in American societies have changed a lot. Years ago, security in the schools were considered as an additional duty which could be handled by anyone with free time. Teachers and assistants used to visit the hallways, while not in the classroom and whatever the principal will say was final in case of any problems.

The recurrence of shooting cases in American schools called for tight protection in school premises. Experienced and trained professionals are employed to combat emergency situations. Not only do they stop the use of arms in the premises, detection of drug sources, protection from gangs are also part of their responsibilities.

Parents got traumatized with these frequent shootouts, use of drugs and terrorist attacks on schools. Teachers were naturally forced to arrange for trained security guards to combat the situations and maintain healthy environment for the children. Apart from defensive training, the guards are also trained specially to handle the young and sensitive minds in the educational institutions.

Another field which needs protection from physical attacks are the hospital complexes. Of much attention is the emergency units and psychiatric care sections. Nurses in these areas are highly prone to verbal abuse and physical assaults by the patients or their relatives. Protecting the service providers from the patients are not that easy and needs special training.

Armed body guards are required for the individuals at the highest risk of being attacked, such as celebrities, company CEOs etc. While recruiting any personnel as a guard, you should be very careful about his criminal background verification. You should also check the authenticity of his licenses as security agent.

To protect the valuables and properties or assets in the industry houses, not only do they need to use the arms, they should also be aware of the rules prevailing in that particular locality. The rules for arresting the criminals must be very clear to him.

The industry houses sometimes hire personnel for transfer of their valuables from one place to another. Specially trained guards who are experts in using proper lockers for the valuables are employed for this activity. They should also be specially trained armed professionals and be able to react proactively in emergencies.

While armed guards are recommended for protection of industry houses or factory sites, unarmed guards are generally employed to protect residential buildings and low risk properties. However, while recruiting the security personnel, you need to take note of a few very important things.

Security in these organization ranges from CCTV installation, video analysis, checking the personnel against carrying any arms or electronic gadgets etc. Since oil is highly inflammable material, carrying an electronic or electrical gadget which has potential to generate spark, is not allowed inside the complex. Special training is required for these personnel to take care of the properties of national or private interest.

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