Find Local Yard Sales For Great Buys

One of your favorite pastimes is scouring your city for the gently used and unique items for your house or yard. It can be quite a challenge to find local yard sales that will reap the treasures you are seeking. There are some well-known means and methods to help you locate these events in your area.

These events are a wonderful source of children’s items, furniture, clothing or just basic pots and pans. If you are on a budget and need these items, you can save a lot of money by purchasing used articles that still have life and usage in them. Children grow so quickly that by buying used items, you can save large sums of money and not worry if they get stains or dirt on their outfits.

If rejuvenating old furniture is your quest in life, these events are a wonderful source of dressers, chairs, side tables, rockers and wooden shelving. Turning out unique and interesting furniture pieces can decorate your living spaces or make a nice extra income for you and your family.

Your local newspaper is usually the most logical place to find the best events. Look for those addresses closest to where you live and arrange to visit each one in the order of the least drive time. You will be able to get the best deals if you get to each one early. Or you can note the opening times and go to the earliest ones first and back track to the later ones afterward.

Online sources are becoming a more and more popular method of finding these treasure troves. The advertisement may list the articles available and even include several pictures of the more high dollar articles. Often the notification will come with a map so you can easily find the event location. Take the maps with you when you leave so you can find the events more easily.

If you want to be spontaneous and adventurous, just start driving around the different neighborhoods. If you are looking for children’s items, start your search in family-friendly subdivisions. Antiques might be found in older parts of the the city. Upscale neighborhoods may offer more quality items.

Look for additional postings in laundry rooms, local grocery stores or other businesses. Schools hold fund raising events such as these all the time so watch their signage when driving by or dropping off children. Subdivisions may post these notices on a community bulletin board or on various mailboxes. There may be opportunities at these events as not that many individuals may be aware of the events.

Make this a group activity by asking friends or family members to ride along and help you locate these events. Another pair of eyes is always helpful both on the road and while at the event. A friend with a truck or van is even more valuable. Even if you don’t find anything that suits your taste, you and your entourage will have fun looking.

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